PD Fest 2017 our 20th anniversary

20 years ago, four guys took characters from a D&D campaign into the world of Ultima Online and started a family. Over the years we’ve seen the world change inside and outside of gaming. We’ve grown from four Florida boys to a global organization that boasts over 400 members world-wide. Last year at PD Fest in Mississippi the talk was all about “how do we top this for the 20th?” Well I think we’ve answered that question with this amazing extravaganza! Join us in September to celebrate 20 years of Purple.

Come enjoy the grandeur of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and celebrate with family!

PD Fest dates are 14 - 18 Sep, 2017 and we will be staying here - Timber Lodge, 2211 Eaglecrest Way, Tennessee

We wanted to make this party the best PD Fest celebration ever and learn from last year. With that said the cost on this is going to be a little higher than the 2016 celebration and will be $225 per person. Final Payments are due no later than 1 August, but please don’t wait until then. Pay early or pay small increments per week. Send your funds via paypal to PDFest2017@gmail.com

The rooms at the chalet are nearly all taken but that doesn’t mean you can’t decide to come later. Contact Sir William in Discord or on Facebook to talk about what’s still open. If you decide at the very last minute to show up, there are accommodations down the street.

Just kidding

We are working with a travel agent (she played Rift with us once upon a time) who has contracted the accommodations, and she will help us get there from wherever we are, or find you another place to stay nearby if required.

Contact Sherri Anne via email at waterloo@fareconnect.com or phone her at 226-749-4488 to book your travel to the party. See you there!


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