Webster University Master of Arts in Education and Innovation (MA EDIN)

Who is the program designed for?

Answer: Smart, creative individuals who wish to apply creative and innovative approaches to learning in corporate, industry, military, and nonprofit environments.

The Education and Innovation program allowed me to develop and utilize innovative skills and resources to cultivate an inclusive, engaging and enriching learning environment for all students. The instructors were always available to provide support and give critical feedback to help improve my overall performance. This program has undoubtedly prepared me for the firm demands of the educational workplace.

Ms. Kaprese A. Warren, MA

The wonderful education and experience I received at Webster University set me up for success in the classroom and now in the legal field. The curriculum was so rich from curriculum design by master teachers in the field, to experiential learning at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, and to global citizenship classes by learned professors. I highly recommend Webster Education for their Graduate Education programs! -Molly Liberto

'The Education and Innovation program prepared me for a career in teaching in so many ways. The instructors were very personable and made sure we succeeded in every class. The curriculum was rigorous and challenging, but the program equipped us to be leaders in the educational industry. My Master's in Education and Innovation has opened doors of opportunity that I would have never thought otherwise. I am proud to be an alumnus of the of Webster University." -Janice B. Rock, M.Ed

“The Education and Innovation program gave me the knowledge to not only further my own career, but to help other educators achieve their goals. The curriculum challenged me to think deeper about challenges we face, and find solutions that are realistic and obtainable for all.” -Ryan Tullock

What does the program do?

Answer: The MA EDIN evolved from the former/original Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree program that has existed at Webster University for over 50 years. The MA EDIN was developed in 2015 in order to primarily support the needs of learning organizations and curriculum specialists. It was created out of a distinct need to support the development of trainers and training specialists that have depth of knowledge in instructional design, curriculum/program development, and sequencing. Other related skills include program evaluation, educational research, and presentation skills.

The program learning outcomes have been strengthened with new strands creativity, sustainability as defined in the sustainable development goals (SDGs), as well as social justice, and equity. Technology and innovation are critical elements in the program. Students learn to use a wide variety of technical tools to support learning designs that are targeted at program and organizational learning outcomes.

In 2017-2018 a new assessment system was adopted for the program based on Canvas (WorldClassroom). The new assessment system saw a refinement in program goals to include the The National Advisory Council on Innovation & Entrepreneurship (NACIE) goals for innovative workforce development programs.

Where do MA EDIN graduates work?

Answer: Our MA EDIN graduates are highly entrepreneurial they tend to be employed in schools, businesses, non-profit, and military fields. The degree provides a depth of knowledge in understanding organizational learning, individual creativity, and personal transformation. Based on this background, graduates work in positions as teachers, US and international school administrators, corporate trainers, product managers, product designers, program directors, and curriculum specialist. Many students take the skills that they learn and become entrepreneurs in educational technology and other areas of learning design.

The field of Instructional Design and Development is a growth area. It will continue to be so. In the Saint Louis area and around the country many agencies such as the Federal Reserve Bank, local utility companies, and software companies are all hiring training specialists and managers. According to (U.S. Occupational handbook, 2019) these jobs start at $80,000 a year. We highly recommend that with the MA EDIN degree you look into this field.

Also the degree will equip you to work on the area of product management and evangelism. There are many jobs that fit this area.

Who are our fellow students?

Answer: MA EDIN students are very diverse and globally located. Each cohort has students that represent different cultural background and geographical locations. Our current cohort has students who are studying in different US locations such as Arkansas, California, Florida, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, and South Carolina. Students also join us from other countries such as Afghanistan, Austria, China, Iraq, Nigeria, Switzerland and Thailand.

"My graduate courses in the Education and Innovation program were both challenging and relevant to our changing educational scene. The topics we explored, such as global citizenship, mindfulness, creativity, innovation, and educational leadership, equipped me to step up to the next level of my career." -L. Sue Burge

"The EDIN program proved to be a transformational experience for me. Many of the courses that I took opened my mind to new and profound perspectives and approaches. My professors challenged me to re-think and re-imagine the true meaning of intentional inquiry and holistic learning. The education that I received in this program has allowed me to implement innovative strategies and executions that have proven successful, both professionally and socially. If anyone were to ask why I should choose the EDIN program, I would say that this program gives you a sense of purpose in learning and provides relevancy to the world beyond the walls of Webster University." -Marsha Alejandro

What are some distinctive features of the program?

Answer: A focus on Creativity > Design Thinking > Multimedia Learning > Transformative Learning

The program has some visibility with the Webster Center for Creativity and Innovation (headquartered in Geneva). The WCCI hosts an annual international conference called Creativity Week at Webster Geneva. It is an affiliate of Division 10 of the American Psychological Association (APA) - The Society for the Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts. These approaches have strengthened the program and provided visibility. In summer 2019 two full time faculty and two adjunct faculty members from the Webster Groves campus attended creativity week in Geneva. They presented a well-received workshop on creativity and found objects. The full time faculty also attended the Marconi Institute on Creativity 2019 annual conference in Bologna. These approaches have strengthened faculty scholarship, engagement and MA EDIN program recognition.

What are some innovative/creative course experiences?

Answer: Project Based Learning > Team Engagement > Personalized Projects

Yes we offer 2 different Graduate Certificates:

Graduate Certificate in Sustainability and Social Equity Studies

Graduate Certificate in Creativity and Innovation

Additional Links:

The MA EDIN is partnered with the WCCI (Webster Center for Creativity and Innovation). Together we have created the Certificate in Creativity and Innovation as a global initiative. Also the center's director Dr. Vlad Glaveanu developed and teaches a course on Creativity and Innovation. Learn about the WCCI.


Faculty in the program collaborates across in different program areas. This keeps the program updated and relevant. A recent collaboration included a presentation at the 2019 WCCI Creativity week in Geneva. For more about the productivity of our faculty see link below.

Faculty Research and Publications

If you are interested in learning more about our School of Education, for information on other programs available through the School of Education at Webster University, please visit webster.edu/education.

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