The Georgian Friday, 6 November 2020


On 11 November 1919, people in villages, towns and cities gathered together, and for the first time, stopped in silence for two minutes. Over the past hundred years we have commemorated Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day with the same respect and reflection across communities big and small. This year will be different, but no less poignant and important.

On Wednesday morning, we will remember, albeit virtually (a video will be produced featuring our Years 7 and 8 pupils), the ex-pupils of St George's who have both given their lives and served on our behalf. Sixteen ex-pupils died in World War One, and a further sixteen gave their lives between 1939-1945. The school only educated choristers then, so this reflects a huge number from this community: what a tragic example of sadness and suffering that will have been felt by St George's, and replicated in schools and communities everywhere.

It is right to remember those who have lost their lives through conflict, but at this time, I believe we must look to our young people to focus on peace as a means to avoid future conflict at all cost. Much of the rhetoric that threatens global stability today involves greed, a desire to dominate and a misguided sense of pride. If we can instill a genuine desire for resolution through peaceful means, and for love and hope in our young people, these very ideologies will be threatened, and eventually overcome.

We will all have our own reflections when standing in silence to remember those who have gone before us. A strong reflection for me is the hope that our own school community will undertake a daily responsibility to treat others as they wish to be treated themselves; by living their lives to be a force for good for others.

As we continue to remember those caught up in conflict, the young people today that represent the leaders of tomorrow play an important role. I see 318 girls and boys at St George's who can lead their lives through truth and integrity, and by doing so pay the greatest respect to fallen lives by creating hope.

"They will not be forgotten, but will be held in grateful remembrance, and their memory will be a dear possession to those who come after them" The School Magazine of December 1918.

William Goldsmith

Golden Tree and Celebration Assembly

Kindergarten Ladybirds

Bella: for being such a kind friend and always offering to help her friends.

Arian: for gaining independence with dressing and being super speedy getting ready for swimming.

Kindergarten Bees

Luca: for trying his best to independently put on his coat and for dressing himself for swimming

Siadon: for thinking of many interesting things beginning with the sound “m”

Reception E

Jude worked so hard using his Fred Fingers for his speech bubble writing.

Henry has been very helpful this week, tidying the classroom. Thank you Henry!

Kai: for working very hard on his numbers and enjoying ordering his firework numbers.

Reception P

Thomas: for being such a polite member of the class. He always remembers his manners and is helpful and kind.

Tayyab: for trying really hard with his reading. He is recognising lots of words without sounding them out.


Alex: for working hard on subtraction in our Maths lessons this week. Well done Alex!

Rai: for always listening during lessons and doing his best.

Henry: for working very hard on his Paddington Bear writing in our English lesson.


Jack: for working hard in Maths this week, learning how to subtract. Well done.

Charlotte: for always working hard in class and doing her best, and for her impeccable behaviour.

Essa: for writing an imaginative “Paddington at the Palace” story independently. Well done.

Zack: for an articulate explanation of his half term holiday adventures. Brilliant!


Ludo: for choosing effective descriptive words to write a lovely Bonfire Night poem.

Henry: for super maths work learning how to subtract using the column method.

Nina: for showing wonderful enthusiasm in class and for making great progress with her reading.


Luca: for working hard to join his handwriting and focusing well in lessons.

Gus: for showing motivation to read his book aloud really well.

Charlie: for super effort in Maths lessons this week. He has completed some great work on subtraction.


Xanthippe: for super effort and pleasing work in all subjects.

Ella: for working hard in all subjects and completing some pleasing work.


Eleanor has worked very hard on her writing this week. She has understood how to use paragraphs.

Humphrey: for approaching his work with great enthusiasm and always being keen to learn.

Head Master's Commendations

Jamila M and Siena L: for working extremely hard in their spellings during the first half of term.

Sajan P: for creating an absolutely stunning tourism brochure for Italy. It is beautifully presented, extremely factual and even includes a working QR code!

Matilda U-I: for excellent work on punctuating speech this week.

Lara B: For her kindness, and being such a great help to her friends.

Alma S: for resilience! She has adapted so well to working with only the use of her left arm, yet still managing to complete all her work.

Adhrit P, Luca O, Radley H, Sajan P and Thomas K: for completing their Maths Puzzles correctly for three weeks in a row.

George S, Henry B, James E, Kobe L, Luca O, Nefeli M, Radley H, Sajan P and Tom A: for completing their English puzzles correctly for weeks weeks in a row.

Barney H: for writing a fantastic diary entry in relation to our class reader ‘The Street Child’.

Eddie G: for working hard to improve his handwriting and spelling.

Karina K: for excellent effort and improvement in all areas.

Herbie W: for excellent English and History work this week.

Charlie W, Sam N, Celeste J-H and Tom G: for excellent work in ICT on spreadsheets.

Evie C, Lily D, Bikram H, Sarah Z, Daniel P, Ella M, Nate M and Julian J: for excellent work in ICT on spreadsheets.

Spirit of St George's Award

Lily D: for always showing kindness and for thinking of others.

Charlie Hathaway with the canvas print of his own image sent from the National Schools Observatory. His image was the image of the month back in March.
Castle View at Sunset

Views from the school this week

Kindergarten Ladybirds enjoyed a picnic on the moon with jam sandwiches this week! The children have loved exploring with parachutes, acting out stories in the small world tray and French lessons with Madame!

After reading the story “Whatever Next”, the Bee Class acted out the story and made jam sandwiches too. During Science, the children were excited to make lemon volcanos.

Earlier in the week some of the children in Reception made witches' potions in the water tray and were visited by four very cheerful witches.

The Reception classes enjoyed making their 'whole class' firework displays involving a lot of paint splattering! The finished results were spectacular but there was a lot of cleaning up to be done and they were kind and helped each other.

Year 1 learnt all about Guy Fawkes and made colourful, glittery pictures to put up in the classroom.

Year 2 celebrated Bonfire Night by baking some really delicious bonfire cupcakes - don't they look delicious!

It's been a very busy week for both Year 3 classes. In 3CH The pupils gave a presentation about why they would like to be the Pupil Council rep for the form. Several pupils produced a poster to help their campaign. Mrs Cheng and Mrs Brook-Sayward heard readers and children enjoyed doing their own reading and researching facts about pyramids. In Maths 3CH and 3ML came together to collect data about a topic of their choosing. For example children investigated their class's favourite sports, what season pupils were born in and the Year 3 favourite snacks.

In History 3ML have been researching the pyramids, and writing up the information they found on to paper which could be folded up to make a pyramid. In Art they created designs which could be made into Egyptian death masks. In French they worked hard at learning their numbers with Madame Flieger. In Science they explored how magnetic poles attract and repel each other.

In English Year 4 have been using a technique known as Conscience Alley to explore a dilemma faced by Jim, the main character in Street Child by Berlie Doherty. Year 4 had to analyse a decisive moment: should he stay in the workhouse or run away?

Year 4 a practical Geography lesson in Home Park, learning about erosion, transportation and deposition. They used scrap paper to represent the 'debris' carried along and deposited by a river.

It was a great day for whole class to improve their netball skills.

... and Year 5 girls were keen to improve their football skills - it was great to be out on Home Park Private.

Y5 pupils had fun in Maths rolling dice to make a 4-digit number that they could then use to practise their bus stop division.

The Year 8s threw themselves into spikeball and rowing with great enthusiasm - and outside, nothing ever gets in the way of a game of Foursquare!

The boarders enjoyed roasting mallows and sparkler fun on Wednesday night!

Other News and Reminders

Baking in Space

Mr Foran has only this week received details of an event this weekend which he think could be of equal interest to our budding astronauts, astrologers, chefs and bakers. 'Baking In Space – Bake to the Future' is a Science Week Ireland 2020 programme funded by Science Foundation Ireland and created in partnership with British Council Ireland. You will find more details and how to book here (it’s free), but you’ll need to do it quickly as it takes place on Sunday, 8 November from 19:00 to 20:00.

Parents' Group - Two Reminders

  • Please don’t forget to log onto Chameleon Create and order your child’s Christmas artwork merchandise. You can find your unique code on the leaflet that came home before half term. The online shop closes Monday, 9 November. Proceeds go directly to the Parents’ Group charitable causes. For queries please contact Kirsty Stephenson on 07500 899188.
  • The deadline for the St George's School Cookbook has been extended until Monday, 9 November so you still have time to send one in and take part in this fundraiser. Please send your completed recipe template plus two or three high res pictures to STGrecipe@gmail.com. Around 80 recipes have already been received, but they would like more!!!

School Uniform Purchases - Closure of Retail Shops

Following the Government announcement, Billings & Edmonds will be closed from Thursday, 5 November to Wednesday, 2 December. School uniform will still be available to purchase from their website at www.billingsandedmonds.co.uk. They will continue to process web orders every day during this period and are offering free carriage on all orders above £25 (delivered within the UK) for the period 9 November to 2 December.


Mrs Emmerson-Smith would like to draw parents' attention to this week's Panorama programme which dealt with TikTok and the problem of under-age accounts. It can be found on BBC iPlayer.


The menus for this half of term are available on the website.

Future Schools' Open Events

Wishing the following pupils a very...

Isla M, Aidan H, Zain M-E, Max C and Farid S.