Marina Abramović By: Olivia samuelson


Maria Abramović is a Yugoslavian artist. She was born and raised in Serbia. Her parents were both survivors of World War 2. Because of their bravery, they were awarded high positions in the post-war Yugoslavian government. However, according to Maria her parents had a horrible marriage. She recalls one time her father smashed 12 champagne glasses and completely left the house. In 1965 she was accepted into a fine art academy and her love for art blossomed from there. She continued creating new artwork for almost 30 consecutive years.

This is a picture of Marina and Ulay, a West German artist.
This was one of her most famous pieces.
Maria pictured with snakes.
Marina's most famous self portrait.
She is often pictured with dangerous animals, as seen above with the snakes and now scorpions. This is a common technique.



Maria's work is very peculiar. She makes very interesting pieces that most people would not think to do, or that other people might think are strange. Maria has a very unique technique that she uses in each and every one of her works.

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