How to make cars safer The sate of cars safety and give me a break


There should be air bag in the back of the car because we don't want the driver to be the only one to be safe we want all the people of the car to be safe.To make car safer I would make the system not just stop the car to scan if the driver isn't going to get hit.There is another way to make cars safer is to put lights at the sides and to make a system to show the driver if the light isn't functioning.The smartest way to make cars safer is to make a belt that has a button that put your belt automatically get on you.


this article is taking about carsmasher to test it out if the vehicle can stop in time. I learned that the safety distance is 5 meter away from another vehicle. This article they were testing the speed limits.A federal regulation publish last week requires that passenger rail cars be built to new standards that would allow them to with stand collisions better than cars used on trains now.

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