A Long Way Gone Lainey + Julia

Countries it borders: Liberia, Guinea, and North Atlantic Ocean

Maps of surrounding areas of Sierra Leone

Natural resources: Diamonds, Gold, rutile,and Iron

What does the government look like: the government makes you obey them even if you don't want too, their military needed more soldiers so they kidnapped Kids.


What they do: they are a group that attempted to overthrow the Joseph Momoh government

The War: the RUF started it. They used child soldiers to help them achieve their main goal

Countries that are involved: Liberia, Sri Lanka, the Congo, etc. these countries are recruiting child soldiers for their military war purposes and burning their villages.

Government Organizations: They tried to provide more schooling, gave them thousands of dollars for medical stuff ,many organizations are trying to prevent kidnappings.

UNs taking: The UN are strictly against child soldiers and try to free as many as they can. They put the children in rehabilitation centers and nurses them back to health.

Ishmael Beah: Age: 36, Now: New York, College: Oberlin, Music: He was always fascinated by English and when he saw these rappers, he wanted to know how to do it. It also helped him do his sound track of his life.

What I learned: 1- I think it's interesting that Ishmael said Americans didn't know where Sierra Leone was. 2- Most kids were taken when they were under 15. 3- when Ishmael was 12, his village was attacked 4- kids that were “recruited” were actually forced against their will, kidnapped, and drugged

. Videos:

It's about what Ishmael had to go through

That video was about a guy who had a chance to got school and see his old friends and relatives

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