Gas attacks Grayci Gustin

On the first combined chlorine by Germany against British troops in Belgium on December 10, 1915.

The development of the gas attacks was found and they thought it would be a good new weapon. It later got made necessary by the required wartime armies to find new ways to overcome the stalemate and unexpected trench warfare.

The french used the gas attack method before anyone knew about it. The gas became very popular and the German army was the second to use it, but the French deployed it. In the first month of the war (August 1914) they fired tear gas grenades against the Germans. The German army wanted what they had so they they studied it and developed the chemical weapons and they were the first to use it on a large scale.

The attacks lead to very bad things. They had disabling chemicals, such as tear gas, phosgene,chlorine and mustard gas. The chemical warfare was a huge component of the first global war and first total war of the 20th century.

The gas attacks had huge impacts on the soldiers. The gas would cloud over them and get in their lungs and all over their bodies. If they did not have a gas mask or protection they would suffer, and blister before they die so it is a long slow death.

Mustard gas was one of the main gases to attack with. It contained sulfides, ethylene with sulfur to form bis sulfide known as sulfur mustard or mustard gas, a blister forming chemicals warfare. When you get attacked sometimes you don't always know right away, it can start off with red spots then eventually turn into painful blisters. It makes your throat and lungs swell up so you can't breathe, it seals your airway.

Hitler had a reason behind his madness. When he was younger he was drafted to war in Austria military service but he got turned down because he had a lack of fitness. He later became a German soldier and traveled to France in October 1914. During the war many things happened but on one of the days his gas mask wouldn't fit because his mustache got too long, he had to cut off a lot of it so it could fit on. The gas had already got to him, he luckily got his mask to go on but he still had blisters and sores. That was not the last time it had happened, he got mad and that is how it all started.


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