Cloudes By:EliJah Valverde

Stratus clouds maximum altitude is 6,000 ft Indicates precipitation Drizzle, freezing drizzle or snow grains appearance horizontal layers
Nimbostratus clouds Maximum altitude is 10,000 evaporates before hitting the ground Appearance Dark, widespread, formless layer
Cumulus is Puffy or Cotten like and have a flat base little or no perception maximum altitude is 3,300
Altostratus A sheet or layer can usually the sun through it rain is possible in thicker cloudes minimum altitude is 6,500 maximum is 20,000
Altocumulus Similar to cirrocumulus but individual segments are larger and darker does not have precipitation minimum altitude is 6,500 maximum altitude is 20,000
Cumulonimbus they are very tall and large yes they have precipitation minimum altitude is 6,500 maximum altitude is 60,000
Cirrocumulus they are small high patched clouds in a row evaporate before reaching the ground may form ahead of frontal system
Cirrus they are thin wispy strands minimum altitude is 16,500


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