Odds Bodkin SPI brings folktales from around the world into k-3 classrooms

SPI's K-3 Storytelling project is beginning to expand and diversify as we add additional master storytellers to the site. But it all began with Odds Bodkin who kindly and thoughtfully guided Story Preservation through the initial phase of the project's development. Kids throughout New England have been enchanted by Odds' stories and teachers have expressed their pleasure in having this free, online resource available as an educational tool. If you don't yet know what it is all about - read on.

Storytelling and reading aloud to young children is the foundation for literacy development. It is the single most important activity for later reading success.

Story Preservation Initiative is delighted to announce that we are working in collaboration with master storyteller Odds Bodkin to bring his timeless and imaginative fictional stories - including fairy tales, myths, and folklore - into K-3 classrooms. For more than 40 years, Odds has enchanted his listeners with tales of magic and make-believe, complete with character voices, sound effects, and music. The project, now available to young people everywhere, is designed to foster English language literacy and social and emotional learning. (Photo credit: Laura Sherwood)

Just one of many Odds Bodkin stories in the Story Preservation Initiative Learning Lab.

Odds is a heavy-hitter! He has been called "a consummate storyteller " by The New York Times for his shows at Lincoln Center. He has performed at the White House and has been a Featured Teller at the National Storytelling Festival. Museums, such as the Peabody-Essex Museum, The Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Sackler Museum at Harvard, and the Portland Art Museum have hired him to tell stories about works in their collections. His recordings and books have won Parents' Choice, lndie, Golden Headset, Storytelling World, Pick of the Lists, Editors' Choice and Dove awards.

Go to: https://k3.spi-learninglab.org/ to access.

In keeping with the Story Preservation Learning Lab model already in place for grade levels 4 - 12, SPI supplements the K-3 audio recordings with additional materials, including recommended teacher read-aloud books and engaging hands on story-making tools for kids. This is all designed to help young people connect what they are hearing to universal virtues and concepts, their own life experience, different cultures and customs, and other stories that they have heard or read. But most of all, it's designed to instill in kids a love of story, which translates in later years to a love of reading!!

SPI also includes hyperlinks to related sites and in-class, standards-aligned projects developed by Story Preservation Initiative to further immerse students in, what is for many, a new and wonderful world of language.

This is a free resource, open to all. One time registration is required to set a username and passcode. To find out more, contact SPI at: info@storypreservation.net

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