The Effect of Strict Parents

There are endless pros and cons to having strict parents. The most obvious pro is that teenagers with strict parents generally are less "reckless." Of all my peers, the person that comes to mind when I think about who the most "reckless" is, is a girl who skips school everyday; smokes weed at least 10 times a day, as she makes it extremely evident on her social media; deals coke and weed; stays out until dawn almost every night... you get the point. This lifestyle would not be possible with strict parents, no matter how sneaky you are. The most obvious cons are that you can't do everything you want to do. The famous quote, "Strict parents make the best liars," could be a pro or a con, however you want to look at it. I see it both ways. The con is simple; lying is a bad habit and should be avoided. The pro is harder to explain. Sure, you could say strict parents develop "lying skills," but I would say it's a lot more than just that.

I have pretty strict parents. They aren't the strictest parents in the world, but they aren't the most easy going either. They don't track me, unlike many of my friends' parents do. Personally, I think being able to track your child is an invasion of privacy. I do think it's reasonable for parents to know where their children are, but the causality of the iPhone app, "find my friends," makes parents feel it is normal. It's just an app, right? Parents should take a step back and realize how the same precaution would be carried out 40 years ago. There were no tracking apps on peoples' phones. In order to track your child, you would have to have them wear a tracker device at all times, and the parents would have to have corresponding devices to check up on their child. Does that seem reasonable? A lot less so than just simply having your child on "find my friends."

Anyway, back to what I was saying: the pros of strict parents. I am going to go off on a tangent and talk about the popular card game, Apples to Apples. A lot of card games and board games are based on luck, such as shoots and ladders. A lot of them are based off of strategy, such as BS. A few years ago I developed a strategy for BS, and since then, I have won every single one of the hundreds of games I have played. Apples to Apples is different from these games. In my opinion, it is based on how well you know your opponents. Different people are going to choose different cards. The card I would use if my sister was judging would never in a million years win if my mother was judging. This component of Apples to Apples will help me explain the strange pro of having strict parents.

Through all the fights I have had with my parents have came with a lot of grounding. Through all the grounding and punishments, there have been a lot of times I have been able to get myself out of it. My parents are not stupid, don't get me wrong. They are some of the smartest people I know, and they are the most wonderful parents I could have asked for. They are my role models; they indirectly show me what a successful and happy marriage looks like. However, being grounded so often has honestly developed my persuasive, and shall I say manipulative, abilities to get what I want. Some readers might read this and begin to think I am evil, but that is not the point I am trying to express. Having strict parents has not made me a liar. I don't lie and to be quite honest, I am terrible liar. My friends can always tell when I'm lying (don't worry, they are harmless lies that consist of me trying to mess with them). I avoid eye contact and fail miserable at suppressing a suspicious smile. However, having strict parents has allowed me to get to know them a lot better and learn all their nicks and knacks. I know how they would respond to almost every situation. I know what they want me to say in almost every situation. I know what hurts them. I know what makes them especially happy. Having strict parents have allowed me to be more observant of the people around me. I could write a 10 page essay about any one of my family members or friends through all the observations I have made about them. Every single human in the world is so extremely different and unique from one another. Having strict parents have made me realize apologies are the most successful when you craft them to fit the person you are apologizing to. Having strict parents have allowed me to know which red Apples to Apple card to pick for any situation.

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