Hatchet by : leonor coelho

The novel Hatchet the story's protagonist is that Brian is going to visit his dad in the oilfields of Canada the reader quickly learn that Brian's parents are divisors this is one of the main internal conflicts in the story Brian's mom gives him a hatchet as a gift which is a key in Brian's survival. When the tail of the plain appears and Brian gets a survival pack that helps him get rescued.

On the book Hatchet it say's that when Brian went to cut the rocks he saw a little light coming out of the rock .And Brian thought it was nothing but then remember it could be fire so he started to do it and he did fire .

The characters of this story is Brian , his mom , his dad , pilot and the person who went to recuse Brian.

Brian's first tool instead of the hatchet it was a spear . Brian made a spear because he wanted to eat fish so he made a spear with a stick and a pity tip so he can kill the fish and eat the.

The climax of this story is when the pilot had a heart attack because when the pilot died he was scared and didn't know how to control the air plain .

That's all thanks for listening .


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