Good Life Preformance - A IN dEPTh REVIEW of the divine -

Above is a picture of me entering the Constance Theater

When I entered the building I was immersed in the sight, smell, and sound of the theater. I could see a set built to look like an industrial era sleeping quarters. The stage was mostly dark, but had bright lights placed sparsely throughout the scaffolding. I walked down the stairs and was lucky enough to be directed to sit in the first row on the far left. When the lights dimmed, I was very excited because this will be the first play I've ever seen. It seemed as though many other students had the same feeling, slowly leaning in towards the stage with a look of awe and curiosity. The size of the auditorium engulfed me forcing me keeps my eyes wandering about the stage. The relation between place and the good life is, you should surround yourself in the proper setting to better improve your good life.

Having gone to the play by myself I had to meet and talk to some strangers about the play. The person sitting next to me described how he felt about the act. He thought that the play was good, however the actors didn't interact with the audience as much as he would've liked. I thought the performance didn't need scripted interactions that he was talking to me about. I thought you were supposed to be absorbed into the roles of the characters, trying to see their point of view. Since I was alone, I felt my experience could've been better than that of someone who went with friends. Without the distraction of my peers the play would have my full attention. The role of shared experiences in the Good Life is to show the importance of communication, love, memory’s, and friendship.

Above is a picture of the first thing I saw as I entered the initial doors to the theater

Due to this performance being played in the early 1900's the shock of a priest molesting a child was unheard of. I didn't know much about the play before going to see it, but after watching it my views were changed because I know had a new found emotional attachment to the issue. Other than always sticking up for your friends in their time of need, I don't have much of a personal connection to the performance. This play helps show me that in my own culture a society possessed by greed corruption and dark secrets can still be found in spots thought to be safe.

This play gives us an opportunity for katharsis by showing us the a "socially uncomfortable, politically contentious, religiously irreverent, or culturally radical" view on society through a theater play. This allows use time to digest the controversial topics on display in front of us.

Above is a picture of me leaving the theater


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