Was/Were AM/IS or ARE?

He ____________ working at a restaurant in 1888.

He _________ cooking dinner for many people tonight.

The cat _________ tired and wants to lay in the sun right now.

She __________ so tired at school this morning.

The women _________very excited about the celebration today.

The team ____________ so happy when they won the championship last year.

I __________ so cold when I walked through the snow yesterday.

She ___________ drinking coffee to stay warm.

Write a sentence about this photo using the past tense.


Write a sentence about this photo using the present tense.



Created with images by Toronto History - "Chefs" • Michela Simoncini - "Chef" • tiniiiii - "cat tiger yawn" • lethaargic - "Tired." • Gautham Metalingus - "Excited..." • keijj44 - "baseball team champions winners" • FreePX - "cold" • bohed - "girl plait person" • Pexels - "soccer ball football boy" • skeeze - "pug puppy dog"

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