Nadia's Art Clay Elephant

This is after I finished sculpting my elephant. I started with two pinch pots. One for the body and one for the head and built out from there. I wanted him to have the shape and some of the realistic features of an elephant but to be a bit animated and child like.

This is after he was fired in the kiln

This is after putting a glaze on him. The glaze I used was "Burnished Steel- Elements" from Mayco glazes

This is after the glaze fire. The finished project.

The two skills I improved on was Develop Art-Making Skills and Take Risks. I showed this by exploring the clay media and learning the new techniques that come with it like how it has to be kept, there can be no air bubbles, score and slip, and how it's supposed to be glazed. This was a new media so I kind of experimented with it and tried to figured out how it was suppose to work which went under Take Risks.

There were some parts that I definitely would have done differently if I were to do this again. One of those things would be to make sure you have new soft clay. It is so hard to work with clay when it is dried up. At a certain point you just have to stop because if not it will just start breaking, so making sure you start with good clay is important. With more time I would have been able to put in more details and fix mistakes I made while first starting.

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Nadia Martino

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