Koh Mak New Year 2016/2017

Speedboat from the mainland in Trat to Koh Mak

Day One - 30.12.16

Following a night in Chantaburi, we made our way to the pier to catch the speedboat to Koh Mak. The wind was howling and the sea was pretty choppy! Unsurprisingly, Jake loved it and soon fell asleep from the motion of the boat thumping through the waves at high speed!

Cinnamon Art Resort and Spa
Not a bad view despite the wind!

After a lazy first afternoon and a brief swim in the ice-cold swimming pool, we showered and then headed off for a walk along the lengthy pier before dinner to watch the sunset.

Star, star, star...moon, moon, moon!

Jake Jakrawan Way

Jake enjoying the taste of the sea air!
"What's the bloody point in watching the sunrise? Once you've seen one, they're all the same..."

Nadia Narrinnipa Fisher

Day Two - 31.12.16

New Year's Eve! After a lovely sleep, I decided to take the family on an early morning outing to watch the sunrise! We left the room before 6am and walked out into the ocean along the pier. I must have taken over one hundred photos - much to the amusement of Nadia! She commented that they were all basically the same but just at four second intervals... Anyway, I enjoyed myself and I think she secretly did too! It was an incredibly relaxing and special way to begin the final day of 2016 as a family.

Mummy and Jake in awe of the natural beauty...
Watching the sunrise from the pier at Cinnamon Art Resort

After experiencing a heart-warming, beautiful sunrise, we took our first journey as a family on a motorbike in order to explore Koh Mak and get away from the windy side of the island. Bearing in mind I had never ridden a motorbike with a passenger before, I think I did pretty well at transporting an entire family successfully! We made our way around the island and visited many interesting places but ended up at a beautiful resort called the Ao Kao Resort - we wished we had been staying there! Beautiful, secluded, private beach with crystal clear, glass-like ocean and views of neighbouring islands...

Our first ever family outing on two wheels...

Temples and our first visit to Ao Kao Resort

Jake absolutely loved the hammock that swung just centimetres above the water as the waves gently lapped against the white sand. He equally loved buzzing around on the motorbike and, yet again, fell asleep on numerous occasions! He must just find the wind rushing through his hair incredibly relaxing...

Koh Kradat

31st December 2016

In the afternoon we visited Koh Kradat which was only a five minute speedboat ride away. The wind was still strong so the water was unclear but Jake had fun on the beach, Nadia enjoyed building sand castles and I found the biggest stick I had ever seen! There were a lot of deer on the island and many had antlers so we decided it was where Santa sent his reindeers each Christmas for a rest! We even managed a tractor ride to the other side of the island!

Koh Kradat

New Year's Eve celebrations

31st December 2016

To celebrate New Year's Eve, we decided to visit the seafood restaurant that we discovered earlier in the day. We hopped on the motorbike and made the fifteen minute journey there. They managed to find us a table despite being fully booked which was very kind of them. We had a lovely evening with scallops, giant prawns and seafood tom yum. A really special way to end 2016. We then returned to the resort, put Jake to bed and then enjoyed a bottle of sparkling Wolf Blass to celebrate the new year. Not that we made midnight - we fell asleep around 10pm I think after a busy but perfect day.

Koh Mak Seafood - NYE 2016

New Year's Day 2017

A solo mission to watch the first sunrise of the year

Day Three - 1.1.17

After watching a beautiful sunrise on the first morning of the year, I returned to the room expecting there to be two people up and ready for the day. No. Nothing. They eventually awoke and we made our way to breakfast then packed for our trip to Koh Kham. The speedboat journey was an incredibly 'lively' one and at many points I imagined that they were thinking about turning back. Luckily, health and safety didnt really phase these people and we finally arrived at Koh Kham. Despite the strong winds and choppy seas, the beach and surrounding water were stunning and I couldn't wait to explore! I went for a snorkelling session almost immediately and managed to swim around the entire island. In my head, the usual voices were saying to me, "I wonder what's around that headland?!"

Koh Kham

1st January 2017

Koh Kham

We arrived back to the resort around 3pm after a fantastic time on Koh Kham. We decided to let Jake have a sleep after a busy and exciting trip. In the evening we headed to Banana Sunset Bar - led in hammocks, watching the sunset and enjoying an ice-cold gin and tonic for me and a POT OF TEA for 'grandma'...!!

Banana Sunset Bar

Day Four - 2.1.17

After a more leisurely start to the day, we made our way by motorbike to Ao Kao Resort once more to enjoy their lovely beach. We treated ourselves to fruit smoothies, which were incredibly refreshing, and then an early lunch. Following that, we set off on one of our infamous kayak missions and made our way to a small island named Koh Rayang. Stunning!

Koh Rayang

As expected, Jake fell asleep on the crossing, handily resulting in Nadia being unable to paddle at all...We arrived at the island and placed the little man in a hammock under the coconut trees where he remained for a good thirty minutes or more. During that time, Nadia built up the courage to go snorkelling and I think she almost enjoyed it which was lovely to see. I also managed to fit in a short snorkel around part of the island. In parts it suddenly became incredibly deep, dropping off to well over 40 metres and more. It was here that I witnessed one of the largest shoals of fish that I had ever seen. Incredible! In my excitement, I think I must have dived way too deep and way too quickly and managed to cause a great deal of pain in one of my ears but it was well worth it! It was just a shame that I had no battery left in my camera to document this...

Koh Rayang

There was an awesome island dog who was super-friendly - I became quite attached to him actually! He would chill on the sand in the shade, get up every now and then to check what was going on however the best was when he spotted a shoal of fish jumping out of the ocean - he leapt up, bounded into the water and swam out to try and catch them! A real character...

Awesome beach dog...

Jake finally woke up after quite a good sleep and was very interested in the dog, the white sand, the many different shells and mummy's sand castles! We all had a perfect time on the island but unfortunately the time came when we had to leave. We headed off in the kayak and the wind had picked up and the swell was coming straight towards us making paddling pretty difficult. We eventually made it back to Ao Kao Resort but I was exhausted after that mammoth expedition!

Koh Rayang

Koh Rayang

Our little beach bum

Banana Sunset Bar

To end a perfect day, we decided to treat ourselves to more cocktails at the Banana Sunset Bar. Great music to relax to and the sunset was as stunning as ever - all helped by a manly strawberry daiquiri...

Sunset behind Koh Rayang

Banana Sunset Bar

Day Five - 3.1.17

After a good sleep we decided to make the most of our last morning on Koh Mak so we went to Ao Kao Resort (yet again) and enjoyed their private beach and facilities! Swimming, fruit smoothies and an early lunch was a lovely way to spend our last bit of time here. We made our final journey on the knackered old moped back to the Cinnamon Art Resort, showered, gathered our luggage and made our way along the jetty to wait for the speedboat back to the mainland. We had an amazing time and much better than we initially thought we would have. Although we certainly wouldn't stay in the same resort again, we agreed that we would return to Koh Mak at some point in the future.

Koh Mak

Koh Mak 2016/2017

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