No More By Zach Kincaid

Twice Over

2018 | Country

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Every day he feels more betrayed — They're taking all his rights away — Everything he was fighting for — But he dont want to fight no more.


  • Zach wrote the song recalling conversations he'd had with actual returning soldiers.


Luke Tatum

I know a few people who were driven to enlist after the September 11, 2001 tragedy. This song rubs a few sore spots. The effects of war are impossible to quantify. People who consider themselves good end up in a lose-lose situation and struggle with PTSD the rest of their lives. That's a pretty rotten deal, to put in mildly. Collectivism kills.

Sherry Voluntary

This song has an old fashioned country sound with lyrics that have a serious libertarian message. “He paid the price and added up the score, now he don’t wanna fight no more,” these lyrics reflect a sentiment I’ve heard from many veterans. When they come home and add up the cost of everything they’ve done and gone through, there is a sense of overwhelming disappointment and pointlessness. It’s unfortunate that the so many young people are lured into paying the terrible price for doing the bidding of the war machine. As libertarians we have to remain a stalwart anti-war voice. Ending the perpetual war State is the only path forward for peace, freedom and prosperity.

Nicky P

One of my favorite parts of this project has been introducing new people to musicians they might not otherwise hear. I included the screenshots Zach got from actual soldiers to say what I never could about this song. Whatever it means to me about freedom pales next to the people who are paid to enforce our immoral wars. When the American mercenary is agreeing that enough is enough that says all there is to say about what these wars are for. I’m not gonna pretend that there aren’t bloodthirsty animals still in the service but it’s a good sign that there is growing disillusionment with soldiers. I urge you to go check out Zach, he’s a nice fella and if you like the old kinda country he does it proper.

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Nicky P

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