Rain or shine: Spring survival guide Kaya LEITNer

The weather of Spring is notorious for being quite fickle, a wide array of weather possibilities can be expected. One day it could be torrential down pouring, while the next, has birds singing and the sun glaring. In order to keep up with the rapid pace of Spring and the huge disparities in weather, a spring guide is provided consisting of “must have” items, must do activities, and must eat food on the different days of Spring.

Guide to spring : April showers

For the most part rainy days require indoor activity, however, the showers of April bring about the perfect time to get comfortable and cozy within the heat of a house. Crucial items for a rainy spring day consist of fuzzy socks, candles and rainy day playlists. These items can ensure a cozy afternoon and a distraction from the desire to be outdoors. However, to avoid dullness and boredom at all costs buy some classic movies, draw and doodle, or even take up the challenge of completing a puzzle. But what is a rainy day without food? Be sure to accompany your indoor activities with some popcorn and a warm beverage.

Guide to Spring: Sunny Skies

However, on the other end of the spectrum, when the sun is beating and the skies are blue, spring is optimal time to get outside and active. There are infinite ways to spend a beautiful spring afternoon because outdoor activities are easy to come by. For must have items, wipe the spiderwebs off those rocking pair of sunglasses and take them with! Bring your favorite playing partner and head out the doors. Activities range from, walking around the block, taking a jog, or even take a scenic car ride with some music blaring. After a breaking a sweat or having a great deal of fun, treat yourself to a refreshing popsicle or platter of fruit.

Spring weather may appear to be unideal but it is incredibly easy to make the most of it by spending rainy days and sunny days differently, watch a classic film one day and go on a jog the next. Enjoy!

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