Seminar Recap:

Dr. Johnson was back in Alaska! It was such a blessing to host the 2020 Ministry Leaders Seminar: Missing Voices. Together, with over 50 state-wide church leaders, we joined in on six sessions led by Dr. Johnson all about servant leadership from a global scale, and “learned to lead beyond our horizons.”

We owe a big “Thank You” to Dr. Johnson for coming up and leading the charge!

Who is Dr. John E. Johnson?

Dr. Johnson is Professor of Pastoral Theology and Leadership at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon, a writer, and a teaching pastor. He has served in various churches across the globe, including Trinity International Church in The Hague, Netherlands. Johnson has published articles in Bibliotheca Sacra and Trinity Journal, and has two published books: Under and Open Heaven: A New way of Life Revealed in John's Gospel and Missing Voices: Learning to Lead Beyond our Horizons.

Full Seminar Schedule:

February 6th:

11:00am: SESSION 1: The Leadership Crisis we are in: What Defines a True Leader, and why are They Necessary?

Noon: Break for Lunch

1:00pm: SESSION 2: How Does one Become a Leader and What Makes a Leader Credible?

7:00pm: SESSION 3: What Does it Mean to be a Missional, Visional, Strategic and Tactical Leader?

February 7th:

11:00am: SESSION 4: What Must we Learn From People Outside of our Culture?

Noon: Break for Lunch

1:00pm: SESSION 5: Why are Teams Essential and how Does one Transition Skillfully?

7:00pm: SESSION 6: What are the Basic laws in Bringing Change and how Does one Counter the Criticism?

Join us in the journey of learning to lead beyond our horizons!