Warli Paintings By Architha Hindupur

These are some examples of Warli Paintings. Warli Paintings originated in India by the Warli Tribe in 3000 BC. They are used to tell a story by taking simple shapes and designs to create an object or scene.

In the picture above, the artist creates a person using nothing but circles, triangles and lines. This is a good guide to use to draw your own people. Next, observe how simply changing the lines of the people can change what the people are doing.

This is an example of how changing a couple of lines can make a huge difference. As we can see in the pictures above in the first picture the person is standing, in the second picture the person is sitting and in the third picture the person is dancing.

Assignment # 1: Draw your family using warli people.


  • A Small Paintbrush
  • Black Paint
  • Water
  • Paper

Water down a little paint and dip your brush into it. Make sure your brush has a pointed tip, and then begin drawing the simple shapes onto the paper to create people.

Now that you understand the fundamentals of Warli, we can start adding on different shapes, designs and objects to elevate our drawing into something with more meaning.

Created By
Architha Hindupur


Created with images by natong20 - "warli drawing pune" • yogamoorthy - "Warli Tree" • Kazarelth - "Sister's Warli"

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