The Follow Up January 2017

Almost 1,000 guests visited campus to live out their New Year's Resolution: "New year, new me," with the realization that the only way of achieving this is by attending Purdue. With students returning and classes starting again, campus quickly picked up from winter break. Read on to see what our January visitors had to say about their time on campus.

Nice Quote of the Month

I really liked the pride that the students displayed as they were leading the tour. It was clear that they are enjoying their experience at Purdue.

I liked that everything was organized and there were two different thorough walking tours with a break for the admissions counselor session in between.

We found everyone very friendly and the campus was beautiful. Enjoyed the atmosphere

I liked seeing the students active all day and always moving even though it was snowing/raining. It really showed the community of students and how active everyone is.

I loved the look and feel of the campus, interacting with the students/faculty, hearing the traditions, and attending the Purdue vs. Georgia State basketball game!

I loved the campus, and every single person we encountered went out of their way to be pleasant/happy/welcoming, and it didn't seem fake or forced at all. The entire time I kept thinking, "I could see myself here."

Loved the student engagement, really made it feel like a safe campus during the tour

Even though Purdue is a large school, the tour and the campus felt very personal and welcoming. Enjoyed the Native American Cultural Center immensely!

It was a very fun and interesting tour. It showed me everything that I needed to know about Purdue. The tour guides were very fun to be around and they kept the tour lively.

The transfer admissions counselor was very helpful, and able to answer our questions or point us in the right direction.

Mean Quote of the Month

It's a beautiful campus with a lot of opportunities, but I've looked at colleges that captured my interest more so. I'm a Psych/Neuroscience major and I feel like I could get the same education at another college with a better admission price as I could at Purdue.

I didn't even know the football program was bad until our visit, but 3 people mentioned it. Maybe leave that part out in the future

I would add some time inbetween the suggested time from the general campus tour to the engineering information session to allow for eating lunch or a small break from walking.

Perhaps a quick snack and bottle of water during the admissions portion. We were going non-stop from 8:30-1, which was great, but when we finally had a chance to sit and listen to admissions, perhaps a few quick refreshments would be welcomed.

I think when the tour groups are small there tends to be less questions asked and therefore less engagement. If not already created/implemented, have the tour guides familiar with FAQs. Not only does this help fill in those more awkward silent moments, but it may trigger additional questions from guests. Also, guests don't always know what to ask, so having these questions posed and answered by the guide can be very informative.

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