SAVE THE SEA LION!!! By Avi Kutner

What are sea lions special features?

What is a very skilled swimmer has very steady flippers and sleeps on rocks? A sea lion!!! First of all, let's take a look at the sea lions' height and weight. Male sea lions weigh around 400 pounds and have a height of 2-3 feet. Baby's weigh around 13 - 15 pounds and are 1 foot tall. Secondly, Let’s see the cool features of the sea lions body. They have flippers to walk on land. Suprizeily sea lions' skin covering is fur. The sea lion coloring is brown, gray , and tan. Last of all, these are some really interesting facts about sea lions! Number 1, sea lions can dive 300 meters underwater. Fun fact number 2 is sea lions can hold their breath for 40 minutes. One more fact about sea lions is that they have over 38 teeth. If you ever see a sea lion take a long look at its fascinating appearance.

look at those flippers they help sea lions twist and turn.

Where do sea lions live?

Now let’s move on to learn about the sea lion’s habitat. First of all, sea lions live in lots of oceans. Sea lions can be found in many oceans around the world. They live off of coastal waters and rocky shorelines. All the sea lions in the world live in salt waters. The sea lion’s climate is hot and cold. Since sea lions live all around the world, the temperature changes depending on where they live. Let’s talk about how these creatures sleep. Sea lions sometimes sleep in the oceans, but it is a bit dangerous because of the predators in the sea. These animals most likely prefer sleeping on rock. The sea lions get up to 12 hours a day of sleep. That’s much more than people get! One more thing about how sea lions sleep is that they all like to sleep together. In conclusion, the sea lions habitat is very interesting.

This is where sea lions live.

What do sea lions eat and what are their predators?

The sea lions diet is very important in fact that it is endangered. What do sea lions eat? Let's find out! Sea lions are omnivores which means they eat plants and meat. These creatures feast on sea plants, crabs, krill, squid, octopus, and other fish. Bon Appetit! You may be thinking how do sea lions get their food. Their flippers help turn and catch speed. They also have 5 claws on their flippers to grab/snatch their prey. Animals like these have good choices for food and easy to catch but that does not mean they have dangerous predators… very dangerous. Humans kill these precious animals to get their skin. Here are some other predators, killer whales and sharks, especially great whites. Sea lions have good food to eat but that does not mean they are on top of the food chain.

Sea lions eat crab.

Why are sea lions endangered?

Can you believe that there are just over 1,000 sea lions left in the world it is so sad but there is a lot to know about why these animals are disappearing. The first reason why sea lions are struggling to survive is dog diseases. Dog diseases affect sea lions really bad. Only if the dog pees in the ocean. Second of all, people litter in the ocean. Their decisions are impacting sea lions' lives. For example, they are too lazy to find a trash can. You should take the time to find a trash can. Lastly, people are doing illegal hunting. People are not following the rules. It is not okay. Now you see why sea lions are becoming extinct.

This is trash in the ocean is poisonous to sea lions and other sea creatures

How can we help sea lions?

It is terrible that sea lions are dying all over the world but these are some ways on how we can help. First of all, you can join WWF’s. If you join WWF’s you can speak up. You can also get a stuffed animal to go with it! What’s also helpful is that you can help other endangered species like sea lions. The next reason on how you can help sea lions is by donating. You can donate and raise money. And you can also do a symbolic adoption. Just try to raise money because that is the most important. One more great idea is that you can help the sea lions' food source. Don’t fish as much in oceans. Sea lions are losing a lot of food because people are fishing too much in the oceans. If you do that sea lions will have plenty of food to eat. Clearly, We can all help the sea lion if we try.

Say cheese!


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