Titanic Sinks! By Joel

The Titanic was a ship made by the White Star Line ship company and launched for its maiden voyage in 1912. The Titanic and the Olympic broke the reckored for the largest ship at the time. The Titanic was thought to be virtually unsinkable, But then it sank.

Picture of the wreck.

The captain chosen for the Titanic was Captain Edward John Smith, who is known as the Millionaires captain. Captain Smith should not have been captain for the Titanic because he already was involved in a sea disaster With the Olympic, but J Bruce Ismay wanted him to be the captain because he was popular.

Captain Edward Smith.

The Titanic left for her maidon journey on April 10, 1912. There was almost a crash between the Titanic and a tug boat because of a lot of water bieng displaced due to the massive Titanic. This accident made the Titanic behind schedule.

(Pretend its a old 1912 tug boat)

As the Titanic went farther, the weather got colder. People stayed inside more and more while the Titanic steamed ahead. The Telegram operaters kept getting ice berg warnings, whitch they ignored. Captain Smith spent most of his time dining with first class passengers.

On April 12, 1912, The Ice berg watchers spotted a ice berg, witch was right ahead of them. This normaly could be avoided, but the Titanic was steaming ahead at its top speed, making it inpossible to fully turn. The Titanic seemed to pass right by it, but there was a underwater part that struck the ship.

More people could have been saved if they slowed down the ship and told all the people the ship was sinking. People eventually figured it out, and the crew and men decided ladys and children first would be good. All the life boats got luanched, but none of them were full. The survivors had to watch as the titanic sank at four am in the morning.

The only ship to respond to the distress calls was the S.S Carpathia, witch was really far away.


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