A trip to Liverpool by Marily laroche and aryanne riverin

Germany, Canada, United-States, Peru. These are only some of the countries that we've visited in order to reach our goal: discover new cultures, new people. To discover the world. Our next stop is in Great-Britain, in the city of Liverpool. We want to learn more about the British culture, and life in this country.

May 3rd 2017

On this morning, we took the bus at 2 o'clock to go to Pierre-Elliot Trudeau Airport. We left Montréal for Liverpool. Aryanne and I took the United Airlines. The two round-trip tickets cost us 1700$. The plane flew to New York, which was the stopover of the fly. We spent 4h35 in this beautiful city, and we took back the plane in the direction of Manchester. When we arrived, we were amazed by the incredible view of this city. The last thing that we had to do was to take the bus, which costs 9$ in total, to go to Liverpool. Finally, we arrived at the Everton Hostel, where we signed up for 17$ per person, per night. We were so tired of this travelling day that we fell asleep immediately when we entered our room.

Expenses of the day: Food= 40$, Plane tickets= 1700$, Bus= 9$, Hostel= 34$

May 4th 2017

We started this day in force. We woke up at 9 o'clock in the morning. We had a restful night! We took our breakfast at the hostel (it was included). We were really excited about this day, because we had planned to visit the well-known Beatle's Museum. The entry only cost 11,50$ per person. During this visit, we learned a lot about the story of this famous group of the 60's. After this long visit, we were very hungry, so we decided to go eat the traditional meal of Liverpool: the Scouse. It is a stew made of potatoes, salted meat and onions. It was delicious! We continue our day and walked to the Princes Park, where we played Frisbee and enjoyed the view. For supper, we called a pizza at our hotel room, and we ate it while watching Harry Potter movies. A classic of the British culture!

Expenses of the day: Food= 60$, Museum= 23$, Hostel= 34$

May 5th 2017

On this rainy day, Marily and I decided to go shopping at the Liverpool One center. We were very surprised to see that they had many popular brands, and others that we didn't know about, but the clothes were actually very pretty. We didn't buy a lot of things, but some little souvenirs for when we'll go back home. We spend all day long at the shopping center. We had the chance to talk a lot with new people, to know a little more about their lives and culture. For supper, we decided to live the real British experience by going to eat in a fancy restaurant. It cost a lot, but it was very worth it.

Expenses of the day: Shopping= 200$, Food= 120$, Hostel= 34$

May 6th 2017

On this day, we wanted to try the national sport of this country: cricket. We went to the Liverpool cricket club, where a private teacher was waiting for us to give us some lessons. It's a very difficult sport when you don't know how to play! Despite our difficulties to understand the game, we spent a very fun day, and we laugh a lot. We created good memories, and I'm sure that we will remember this day for all our lives. For dinner, we went at the Tea House restaurant. It was a very cute place with a nice ambiance. After this stop, we went back to our hotel, where we prepared ourselves for the Sound city festival. We bought our pass 50$ per person. We were very excited about this festival, and we were right to be so! We listened to very good music, we danced all night long! It was very worth it!

Expenses of the day: Food: 100$, Liverpool cricket club: 100$, Hostel: 34$, Festival: 100$

May 7th 2017

The night at the Sound city festival was a night to remember! The next morning, we were very tired. We woke up with a little headache because of the loud music. We decided to relax at the Crosby beach, where we spend all day long. We swam, we tanned and we played volleyball in the water. At the end of the day, we found out that both of us had big sunburns, especially Marily. Ouch! The weather was so nice that we decided to go eat outside at the Moose coffee, where our supper cost us a little bit more than the other days, but it was so yummy!

Expenses of the day: Food= 80$, Beach= Free, Hostel= 34$

May 8th 2017

This day was the last day that we had to visit the city of Liverpool. We decided to go visit the Museum of Liverpool. This activity was the perfect one to finish our trip because it gave us the chance to reach our goal, which was to learn more about this amazing culture. After this visit, we decided to go eat at the Bakchich restaurant. On our way, we passed in front of the Strawberry fields, known because of his link with the Beatles. Of course, we took some pictures! After that, we decided to do something different. We chose to pass our last night in this city in the fancy Crown Plaza Hotel, where we booked a suite room. It was very expensive! For supper, we went to eat in a very good restaurant named the PANAM. The food was delicious!

Expenses of the day: Food=250$, Hotel=406$, Museum=Free

May 9th 2017

We woke up in our comfortable bed, very sad to leave this beautiful place. We packed our luggage and went to eat at a little coffee shop, while we were waiting for the bus. The bus brings us to Manchester, where we took the plane. During the flight, we talked a lot about our trip, about all the things that we would remember forever. At the airport, our families were waiting for us. We were very happy and excited to talk about our amazing trip.

Expenses of the day: Food=40$, Bus=9$

Expenses of all the trip: 3407$


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