Make-A-Wish [slogan]

SFX: Soft, music

Every moment… Every dream...

A back shot of a 6-year-old boy and his dad turning in the pet food aisle in Petco. The little boy struggles to pick up the heavy bag of dog food. The dad ends his little boy’s struggle by picking it up and putting it into the buggy while laughing. Then ruffles his little boy’s hair.

Medium shot of a dog jumping through the air, catching a Frisbee. A over the shoulder shot of the dog running to a 5-year-old in a wheelchair. He giggles and pets the dog.

Every wish… Counts. Especially for a child with a life-threatening medical condition.

Over the shoulder shot of an elderly man smiling, handing the receptionist his Unitedhealth Group insurance card to the receptionist. Other patients in the background.

Close-up shot of scissors cutting a ribbon. We pull back to see an 18-year old girl in a hospital filled with family, friends, and employees. She’s smiling with the scissors in hand mouthing thank you.

On average, every 35 minutes, Make-A-Wish Foundation, grants a wish that’s life changing.

A long shot of a 30-year old woman coming into the bedroom room with her 2-year-old daughter on her hip. The dad looks up and smirks. He turns the computer screen around. We see the confirmation message for Disney World Tickets. The wife smiles excitedly as she tells her daughter they’re going to Disney World.

A wide shot of a girl in a princess outfit being served dinner at a Disney restaurant. Princess arrives and joins her.

SFX: Happy, medium tempo, music

With the assistance from devoted staff, volunteers, donors and other supporters, we’re able to make a stronger yesterday, a better tomorrow, and a joyous today for them and their entire family.

A medium shot of a man cuddling his wife from behind the chair at her desk. A over the shoulder shot of her computer screen booking a flight from American Airlines. We pull back and see she’s smiling excited over her shoulder at him.

A close-up shot of a 7-year-old dressed in a pilot uniform. He’s pretending to fly an American Airline’s plane. He gives the American Airline’s caption a smile and thumbs up. We pull back and see the captain a salute.

With your help, we can go beyond limits. Join us and visit to become a part of the wish experience. Make-A-Wish [Slogan]

Full screen of a collage Make-A-Wish participants and their family, volunteers, donors, and Florida residents in shape of a globe. Globe revolving.

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