Turn dreams into reality small effort, big dreams.

The country located in East Africa is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, between Somalia and Tanzania. And home to wild life animals such as lions, elephants and rhinos.
Kenya, "The cradle of humanity" where its beautiful people and unique culture creates a booming tourism industry. Yet this can just be a beautiful facade behind underlying problems.
About 80% of the country has arid conditions and drought haunts the country most of the time... having proper drinking water feels like a dream.
Still, Kenya's population continues to proper, causing density and pressure on water resources needed.
Small families but big in numbers: A mother holding a baby, alongside four other children.
Urbanization has also caused the poor to live in slums.
This means tough and unsanitary living conditions for many Kenyans.
Political problems among the rich and government are also obstacles for the poor in getting proper drinking supplies.
Thus, women and children travel up to 6 hours daily to retrieve water.
Diseases are still easily contracted as water sources might not be clean.
A photo of an innocent child infected with HIV, helpless.
A child infected with measles.
While we have easy access to clean drinking water, the people in Kenya are suffering. They need our help.
With the aid of water filtration systems, we can create a life changing moment for them.
Schools aided with water filtration systems can create a big impact for these children.
We can be the reason behind their smiles.
Together, we can turn their dreams into reality. One system at a time, one village at a time.

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