SIT Study Abroad: Cameroon Spend a semester abroad studying development and social change

Examine the changing cultures, politics, and economy through the unique lens of Cameroon, known as "Africa in Miniature" for its tremendous diversity.

Samantha Trotter, an anthropology major at Oregon State University, joined SIT's Cameroon: Development and Social Change program last fall. A lover of photography, Samantha chose to document her study abroad experience through the lens of her newly acquired camera.

"I choose to study with SIT in Cameroon because I wanted a more hands-on, in-person experience versus just reading or being taught about a culture or society in a classroom."
"I really enjoyed the excursions, the guest speakers and the classroom discussions. One of my favorite activities included a boat ride in a hollowed-out tree through a river and a 10-minute hike through the forest to observe the oldest and largest tree in Cameroon."

During the program, students experience comparative homestays offering them a chance to better understand the differences between urban and rural areas and facilitate immersion in Cameroonian host communities. The homestays also allow students to deepen their understanding of the themes covered through the program’s coursework.

"I was truly grateful for my host family's hospitality and kindness. They were very patient and accommodating and The food they made was amazing. My family always tried to include me in their activities; I went to a local market with my ‘brother,’ visited my family's second house in their village, attended church with my ‘mother’ and helped my ‘sister’ on the family farm."

Throughout the program, students have the unique opportunity to learn from development experts and high-profile Cameroonian leaders. They interact with experienced, dynamic development workers and discuss fundamental aid issues such as project sustainability, funding sources, autonomy, and beneficiary involvement and participation in project design and implementation.

"The program really helped break down the research process. It gave me the skills, confidence, and desire to interview and observe people. Before SIT, I feared writing because I felt that everything had to be perfect but I learned that is impossible. You must be open to changes and difficulties and include those experiences in your paper. Research is continuous. I hope to one day return to the country and continue my studies."
"My semester abroad made me think a lot about politics and the economy. We were able to meet people who had limited resources but found ways to make a difference in their communities and country. It gives me hope and inspiration and the desire to take more action within my own community and country."

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Photos provided by SIT Study Abroad's Cameroon: Development and Social Change alumnus Samantha Trotter.