Why do Indigenous people make weapons? by aydin ilhan 4 Bass

Why do indigenous people make weapons?

1. Indigenous people use boomerangs for hunting animals and fighting.

2. Boomerangs are throwing sticks that were made for hunting, fighting and ceremonies.

3. Indigenous people set nets to catch flying birds.

4. They also threw boomerangs to scary birds!!!!

How do indigenous people make weapons?

1. Indigenous people make weapons by collecting wood and sticks.

2.Indigenous people make weapons with string by collecting leaves.

3. They make weapons because in the progress they love it.

How do Indigenous people have so much energy to go find the equipment for the weapons?

1. Indigenous people have so much energy because every day they hunt and the food they eat are very very very healthy.

2. They don't have any sugar.

3. Indigenous people sometimes make themselves camouflaged while hunting.

4. They also use fire to help them hunt!



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