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The cold war was a conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union America had just emerged from World War II and, had half the world manufacturing capacity. during this time America owned atomic bomb and the U.S leaders believed that the nation safety rely on the security of Europe and Asia (Foner text 709). anyway the rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union had tensed, as the soviet union troops has occupied most of Eastern Europe and Eastern part of Germany.

the first confrontation of the cold war began in Middle East by the end of World War II,the Soviet Union had taken Northern Iran pressuring the country to give them they rich oil fields. Under Britain and the U.S pressure Stalin instantly withdrew Soviet forces by now the Soviet Union had installed pro-communist government in Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria, little by little the Soviet claimed was no different from the United States taking over Latin America (Foner text 710).

An American diplomat named George Kennan from Moscow who was also a famous long Telegram in 1946, suggested Truman administration that the Soviets could not be dealt with as a normal government (Foner text 710). His telegram put up the foundation for what was known as the containment, which to prevent any more expansion of Soviet power (Foner text 710).

Winston Churchill a former wartime prime minister declared an Iron Curtain had dropped across Europe, dividing free west from the communist east in a speech at Fulton, Missouri. On March of 1971 Winston Churchill announced what came to be known as the Truman Doctrine (Foner text 710).

The Truman Doctrine a policy set by Harry S. Truman March 1947 when he took office after the death of Roosevelt in April 1945. Truman found himself forced to debates and decide the foreign policy Truman believed that Stalin could not be trusted and, now it has become the United States Responsibility to render leadership to a world that he view as black and white term. soon after Truman put the policy of containment into effect (Foner text 710).

This decision took place in early 1947 when Britain informed the United States that due to they bad economy by the war. Britain had no choice but to end its military and financial aid to two crucial governments. Greece and Turkey from which the soviets were requesting joint control of the straits linking the black sea and the Mediterranean (Foner text 711).

Secretary of State George C. Marshall speech at Harvard University in June 1947. the purpose of the speech was to announce the Marshall plan, the Marshall promised the United States to contribute billions of dollars in economic support to help rebuild western European economic such as France and Italy. the Marshall plan to this day is proven to be one of the most successful foreign aid program in history (Foner text 712).

Regardless of the Marshall plan the cold war still continue to become more and more tensed. by the end of World War II the four victorious powers took control section of Germany and Berlin. it was the first major international crisis of the cold war. Soviets wanted west Berlin and also the United States, Britain, and France came up with a separate currency in their zones. Soviets responded cutting off road and rail traffic from the Americans, British and France zone occupied Germany to Berlin (Foner text 713). Hoping that the U.S, Britain and France would leave do to lack of food. The Berlin airlift fuel and food to their zones of city for eleven months because of the success of Berlin Airlift Stalin end the blockade in may 1949 . That's when soviet union tested they first atomic bomb (Crash course Video).

while America postwar policy focused on Europe it was Asia that the cold war unexpectedly became intense. conquered by Japan during World War II Korean had been divided into two government. Communist North Korean and Anticommunist South Korea the north Korean troops invaded the south. hoping to reunify the country under communist control June 1950, north Korea troops had already occupied most Peninsula the Truman administration suggested the United Nation Security Council to allow the use of to repel the invasion (Foner text 715).

The American soldiers fought this first battle of the cold war General Douglas MacArthur launched counterattack at Inchon behind north Koreans lines. MacArthur's troops occupied most of north Korea Truman at this moment wanted to unite Korea under a pro-American government. when UN forces came close to the Chinese border hundreds of thousands of Chinese troops, intervened putting them back in bloody fight in October 1950. MacArthur commanded the right to push north again or even invade China and use nuclear weapons against it (Foner text 715). in 1953 the war essentially restored the prewar status quo, even though there is never been a formal peace treaty ending Korean war. 33,000 Americans lost they lives in Korea, Asian death toll to an estimate 1 million Koreans troops 2 million civilians lost they lives (Foner text 715).


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