Symbolic Language Little big history Project

Symbolic Language, the process of communication through symbols or letters on a paper. Symbolic Language was the thing that lead to the amounts of language, knowledge, all of the diversity we have today, the street signs we have, and many many more things that we use as a human race are all things that use symbolic language.

Some Great Examples of Collective Learning Now and From When it Started.

Big History Thresholds

Threshold 3

Without Threshold 3 Humans Wouldn't Have Had the Minerals / Substances Needed to Make There Paints so They Could Draw There Pictures and Make These Signs etc.

INGREDIENTS & Goldilocks Conditions

  • Aging and dying of stars of hydrogen and helium.
  • Incredibly high temperatures and pressure.
  • Nuclear Fusion

All of the ingredients and goldilocks conditions lead to the formation of new chemical elements witch lead to the creation of pretty much everything we have today. Without this happening life wouldn't exist nor would the trees, stones, ores and everything else that we have today.

Increase in complexity

  • New Chemical Elements
  • 92 Elements with unique properties that can combine in millions of ways to form new compounds.

Symbolic Language

  • At the time of Threshold 3 Symbolic Language didn't really exist, this made it possible for symbolic language to happen though.

Threshhold 6

Sense we Had to Share our Ideas to Other Humans, we Had to Come up With Different Ways to Communicate, Such as Signs, Languages, Sounds all to communicate and spread ideas from one area to another.


  • Powerful Brains
  • Precise and versatile SYMBOLIC LANGUAGE.
  • Interaction between individuals and communities.

Increase in complexity

All of this lead to a brand NEW COMPLEXITY, a new species that used collective learning to:

  • Connect with each other / other places in new ways.
  • Adapt to the environment around them without changing genetically.
  • Pass information from generation to generation by using SYMBOLIC LANGUAGE.

Yes, that's right without the use of Symbolic Language we wouldn't have been able to accomplish as much as we have as a species. We used Symbolic Language or our written language to spread information and Knowledge on certain subjects from Area to Area and even Generation to Generation.


  • This is when humans started really using symbolic language to communicate and keep records.
  • Without Symbolic Language Collective Learning wouldn't have happened.

Threshhold 7

As we Started to Grow More and More Food and Start Settling down to Just One Spot we Started to Keep Records on When people Where Born, what has Happened, and Who was Doing What to Help the Settlement.


  • Increasingly dense human communities.
  • More and more knowledge about the environment.
  • Warmer climates after the ice age.
  • Increasing competition for resources.

Increase in complexity

  • Domestication of plants and animals.
  • Villages, cities, and agrarian civilizations.


  • As people began to settle we where able to keep more intense records that keep very valuable information.
  • As we began to settle we had to communicate using symbols and written languages.

Threshold 8

More and More uses for symbolic language have arose during the Modern Revolution. Street Signs, writing records, and code language like certain gestures meaning certain things. All of this come from Threshold 3 when the Universe got more Chemical Elements.

What made this possible

  • People settling in one spot. (Witch made it possible for more kids to be born)
  • More people lead to more people being able to focus on making new advancements while some people where still growing all the food for the town.
  • Having other people working on the farming people could make a lot of the amazing advancements that we have today.


  • Symbolic Language is now used EVERYWHERE in today's society.
  • It's used to represent company's products.
  • Used in street signs.
  • We still use written language / Symbolic Language to keep records today.
All are examples of early Symbolic Language.


SYMBOLIC LANGUAGE is HUGELY important in Economics. ECONOMICS is the branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth. This is hugely important in symbolic language because....

  • Without the knowledge on how to produce goods spreading no one would have been able start producing these goods and selling them causing the competition in Economics we have today.
  • We wouldn't have the transfer of wealth without Symbolic Language, countries had to communicate deals so they had to have some type of written language to communicate long distances. Without the written language countries wouldn't have been able to communicate as easily.


SYMBOLIC LANGUAGE is very important to the way Anthropologist find out how humans from long ago lived. ANTHROPOLOGY is the study of human societies and cultures and their development. Without those written records, cave drawings and all of those examples of Symbolic Language we wouldn't know half the information that we know today about humans of the past.

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