Banksy By Allan Medina

Who is Banksy?

Rage Flower Thrower

Banksy is originally from Bristol, England and is most famous for his Street Art.

The Mild Mild West 1999

Police clash with protesters at a demonstration against capitalism in London

Tate, Britain art gallery in 2003

Street artist, graffiti, stenciling

Mobile Lovers 2008
Death of a phone booth
The Son of a Migrant From Syria
Maid in London
Better Out Than in
French Embassy

Mister Brainwash , M.B.W. or Thierry Guetta

Shepard Fairey


Political Activist

West Bank in Qalqilya 2005
Max Clifford, publicity agent
Banksy in Disneyland, Guantanamo Bay Prisoner

Dismaland Bemusement Park

Off shore drilling
Sea world reference
Law enforcement
Drunk driving
Nuclear warfare

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