Effects ofTechnology on children's development Lizzie Downs

Technology has over taken children's lives and has effected their development greatly. As seen here on the left is a young child glued to her tablet and on the right is a child around the same age outside, enjoying the day, and blowing bubbles. Technology has stolen the small joys of a childhood.

Here are two young girls running and interacting with one another rather than spending time on technology.

Here are two young children playing with blocks and spending time with one another while building their skills in sharing with another and verbal communication.

One of the biggest issues with technology in children is for their social development. Being one on one with their friends is so important in developing their social skills and building intentional relationships. Technology destroys this traditional way of interacting with the world face to face, and not through a digital screen alone and indoors. Here is an example of children interacting with another and playing together.

Stop this while you can, don't let this be the normal for the next generation!

Limit your children's exposure to technology. Encourage them to play with other and get fresh air and exercise. Technology can wait.


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