Photoshop Design Lessons from the Classroom #CreateEDU

In this session, we will explore ways to teach the design principles of contrast, unity and emphasis using Adobe Photoshop. We will learn a variety of techniques for creating value contrast, color contrast, and focus contrast to help your students create a clear focal point in their designs.
Winning Design by Nick M


This lesson is from my Principles of Design activities. This year I wove it into a project the Snoqualmie Valley Community Network asked my students to do for their marijuana prevention campaign. I started by showing Principles of Design: Emphasis from one of my favorite sites: Ctrl+Paint. The lessons also covers layer masks and layer groups. Here is the sample file used in the examples.

Color Contrast: Hue and Saturation

Color Contrast: Black and White

Value Contrast: Brightness and Contrast

Focal Contrast: Blur Gallery