PopArt Project By:Ben Ross

3/7/17 Last class i selected my own art like Romero Britto’s.

I have done my 6 sketches and i think they are okay but may need some rendering, but that’s up to my teacher Ms. Mccall to decide what i need to work on.

Question(s) i have- What specifications should i taken into effect more?

Do I have to have a certain number of lines/shapes/etc?

3/9/17 Last class I worked on rendering my 6 sketches, i chose one i really thought was the best and applied a little more finishing touches.

3/13/17 I was absent with strep throat.

3/15/17 I was absent with strep throat.

3/17/17 I started drawing out my art onto a big white piece of paper. I made sure to use a ruler on straight edges. I folded my paper in half to make sure i had the correct length when i go to cut the art in half.

Questions- I do not currently have any questions on this project, once you get going it's pretty self explanatory.

3/20/17 I finished drawing out my art in pencil today. I traced over each line on my paper in black sharpie because that's what Romero Britto did on most of his arts. I added some finishing touches to the art on my final before i started to color it all in.

3/22/17 I started coloring in my art with marker and colored pencils. The art is really coming together. I'm about half way done coloring and I will be finished in about 2 classes. I do not have any questions for my teacher.

3/24/17 I finished coloring today it looks great in my opinion and to my peers. Next class I will be cutting my paper in half and cutting a book board in half to copy and paste my art onto it. Question do you have to shape the paper to fit the board correctly? - No you just have to place it in the center and fold the corners to fit correctly.

3/27/17 Today i finished my art project i pasted my art onto the board. It looks good, I turned it in and my teacher approved of it. I have no further questions and this was a successful project.


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