Racing In The Rain Project By rory short

Pg99 "Her head was covered with a stocking cap. Her cheeks were sunken, her skin, shallow," Eve is sick and it isn't getting better. This quote is significant because her sickness majorly effects everyone and everything in the book.
Pg101 "We really think Zoë should stay with us," Maxwell said, "until..." The twins hate Denny so much and don't trust him as a father so much that they want to keep his own daughter away from him while Eve is dying. This is significant and plays an important part in a big chunk of the book.
Pg143 "What I did in the park was selfish because it was about satisfying my besest needs." Enzo has always been with Denny, but he never ran away. But this time he couldn't help it. He's mad at himself for being what he is, a dog, instead of what he tries to be a human.
Pg149 "?..We're suing for custody of our granddaughter." The twins cannot take Zoë away. They are saying it's for her best interest but they are blinded by their hatred for Denny. There isn't domestic violence, the twins aren't even legible to fulfill the roll of godparents because Denny is still alive and making a good amount of money to support Zoë. Not only did they try to keep her while Eve was sick, but now they are trying to keep her all the time now.
Pg160 "?..They're playing you for a sucker, and you aren't a sucker, are you champ?" The lawyer is going to do great! He's keeping Denny calm and collected. He is also constantly saying how it's dumb for grandparents to want custody when there is no valid reasons and this happens all the time.


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