My story begins in 3rd grade when my teacher noticed me drawing on the back of a spelling assignment. Much to my surprise, she didn't say a word, but rather picked up my paper and walked back to her desk. As the day progressed all us kids were coming back from a hectic day of recess. As I settled into my chair, I noticed each student had a blank piece of paper on their desk. Mrs. Robinson asked that everyone flip over their page and began to hand out colored pencils. Rather than punishing me for drawing on my spelling assignment, she made a copy of the drawing for everyone and praised my artistic ability. Since this time, I have never stopped loving, and producing art.

Kaukahi night

The color of Waikiki is most dramatic at night. In the 1930's popular hotels such as The Moana Hotel (now the Moana Surfrider) and The Royal Hawaiian would take guests on evening canoe rides to discover the vibrance of Waikiki beach firsthand. In 1935, Mary Dunkle was 17 years old and held the only job of its kind – Mary was the mascot for the outrigger canoe paddlers of Waikiki Beach Patrol. It was up to her to bring the patrol paddlers good luck during the Annual Hawaiian outrigger canoe races each June.

Kaukahi night

Attention to detAil

  • Limited edition, closed set of 7 Giclee prints
  • Hand signed and numbered
  • 44.5 inches wide by x 57 inches tall
  • Heavy 310 gsm (14 point) matte Hahnemuhle

Long-lasting beauty

  • Printed on 100% cotton, museum-grade matte paper
  • UV coated inks and UV resistant protective plex
  • Archival, acid-free mounted and framed

4 man Outrigger

Outrigger canoes gave adventurous tourists the ability to feel the energy of the 'rollers' that came from the Southern Hemisphere each summer in Waikiki. Wide-eyed guests would contribute minimal paddle power as their experience, bronzed steersman would navigate a 40 foot vessel around the surf. This piece not only offers a unique vantage point for the canoe of Waikiki, but highlights the dynamic contrast between the work required of the captain and that of the guests that were along for the ride.

4-man outrigger

4-color lithographic style


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Matt Coffman

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