Today in the world have a lot of pollution, for we, it´s very unhealthy and toxic but the question is ¿how we HEAL THE WORLD?
We can heal the world with the rule of "three errs" recycle, reduce and reuse.
RECYCLE: recycle it´s the action of converting the waste materials in to reusable materials and objects, you can recycle drooping the trash to the five trash can: paper, plastic, organic, glass and metal.
REDUCE: reduce it´s the action of reduce the trash for the healthy of environment, you can reduce stopping the irresponsible consume.
REUSE: reuse it´s the action of use something again whether for it´s original purpose or to fulling a other function, you can reuse reusing the reusable bags of the markets, for example.
in the society haven´t many people worried for the environment ¡this is preoccupant the society isn´t heal the world!
also we can heal the world cleaning the environment, it´s very important this action because the planet don´t mist dirty.


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