Who am I? By: ALisha Brianne porter

Who am I? In my mind, I am someone who always wants to help others, make sure they will have a bright future as I want for myself. Some people just want some help and I am always up to help if I can!

One of my surveys that I got that didn't really surprise me was in my Personality.

When I got my results for this survey I wasn't really surprised. My personality type is "The Healer" and I find that is very true about myself because I love to help others. Another reason why this doesn't surprise me is because I am around kids a lot and I've had a couple times where kids have came up to me crying needing someone there for them and to help them. The final reason is because I have done some research for myself and my own problems and i have used them to help a lot of others problems to. What I also like about my personality is that my personality matches William Shakespeare, Princess Diana, and Audrey Hepburn. I found that really amazing and some what true at the same time!

My second survey I did was Interests!

In my interests survey I got "The Counselor" I feel like this is also apart of me because of how I try and deal with other peoples situations. Also I go to counseling myself so i somewhat know what to tell people when they come to me for help. Being in the Counselor spot is apart of me because I always have felt like I have been mature for a while and I help my brother all the time, Its been hard lately because i no longer live with him, but I will always try my best to keep him and others at there very best.

The last survey I am going to share is knowledge!

In this survey I got "Physical Education" this means I like to learn about myself and know how to keep myself along with my body healthy. Also this means I like to so social science courses for example parenting or living working with children. This is me because i do love to learn about children and be around them. I want to go to school for a Child and Youth Worker. I think this knowledge test is exactly me.

This is me!

What i have learned about myself is that i am a very helpful person and i always try my best to keep everyone happy. Also by doing these surveys and learning about myself I have a very strong feeling about my future. I am going to try my best to become successful and make all the people in my life proud!


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