Polar Bears By Kai

Welcome to my web page in here you will find information about polar bears. LETS.....GET.....STARTED!!!


15 polar bears are killed a year from radiation and melting of the polar ice caps and 300 to 500 are hunted a year by poachers. How very sad.

Let's talk about hunting. The polar bear is the biggest in their family so it would be easy to hunt. They quite like seals so they eat all the fat and skin first, then usually the meat last. This is surprising but they're so powerful they can kill a seal with one blow of a paw. They also eat other stuff like salmon.

How big is a polar bear? A polar bears foot is 30cm long and 25cm wide. Their height is 1.6m to shoulder and length is 2.2-2.5m.

At birth polar bear cubs are 12 to 14 inches long and weigh around one pound. Baby polar bears leave there mother when there 30 months old. And the mother only nurses the baby for 30 months but some mother polar bears nurse there baby polar bear for 18 months.

A polar bear can swim 30 miles(48 kilometres) and in one case as far as 220 miles (354 kilometres). The fastest speed a polar bear can swim is 10 kph (6.2 mph). Also there nostrils close underwater when there swimming.


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