Weisbecker Scholarship Fund March Recap (scroll for more details)


Last month, you should have received your 2017-18 WSF renewal packet in the mail. Included in the packet was a letter, a renewal form, a guidebook explaining new policies, important dates, and more.

Donor retention is high on our priority list this year after our record growth in annual fund donors the last two years, so we hope to see you make a gift this year. Thank you for your continued support of the Redbirds.

The deadline for football pledges and payment schedules is July 1, with the basketball deadline following on September 15. Remember, gifts can be made any time throughout the year. We will be hosting a private event again this year to any WSF donors who increase their gift 10% or more.


Paris Lee - MVC Larry Bird Player of the Year, MVC Defensive Player of the Year, & MVC All-Tournament team
Amanda McClain - MVC Indoor Women's Track & Field Elite 18 Award Winner recognizing the highest GPA at a championship.

84 student-athletes finished the fall semester with a perfect 4.0 GPA, a department record!

312 student-athletes on the fall semester AFNI Athletics Honor-Roll with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. The overall department GPA for the semester was 3.23.


337 Renewed Pledges
167 Increased Pledges
49.5% of individuals renewing pledges have increased their support for 2017
$419,750 pledged in last 5 weeks


Every year, passionate Redbird fans gather together to celebrate the hard work and dedication of female student-athletes and raise funds for the women’s athletics programs at Illinois State. This year’s annual Bird Bash is open to the public and will be held Thursday, April 27, inside Redbird Arena. Cocktails, hors d'oeuvres by Moe's Southwest Grill, and a silent auction will all be included in the fun evening.

Katy Winge, a 2015 ISU graduate and former women’s basketball standout who is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Sports Journalism at Northwestern, will be the emcee for the event.

The cost is $60 per person and the purchase of a full table is available. Since 2006, the annual fundraising event has raised over $344,000 for women’s athletics programs. For more information, contact Marianne Riddell by phone at (309) 438-5455 or by email at mriddell@ilstu.edu.

Join us in support of women's athletics for the Bird Bash on April 27!

Thank you to the following individuals for increasing their gift to WSF:

Alan and Janette Janssen

Andy and Jackie Wieduwilt

Angela and Daniel Engel

Anita Gibb

Anita and Mark Holland

Aron Brown and Marcus Tewell

Art Sievers

Bev Collins

Bill and Dianne Arbogast

Bill and Lynn Gaddis

Bill and Susan Sulaski

Bob Groetken

Bob and JoEllen Bahnsen

Bob and Linda Ball

Brent and Jeri Beggs

Bruce Otto

Bruce and Jean Hill

Cathy Holbrook

Cathy and Greg Allen

Chad and Kelly Hills

Cheryl and Matthew Fogler

Chuck and Sara Anderson

Cindy Greskiwcz and Jason Hartzler

Clemens and Associates

Cody White

Colleen and Mike Liesman

Craig Reeser

Craig and Heather McLauchlan

Dale and Teresa Wayland

Dan and Pam Kelley

Daniel Thames

Dave and Karen Magers

David and Janet Baker

David and Trudy Strand

Dean Puyear

Debbie and Terry Lindberg

Dennis Lamb

Dianne Kelley

Dick and Lyne Scott

Don and Ann Fernandes

Don and Marla Williams

Donna and Eric Bertalon

Doris Grunloh and Marvin Cooke

Doug Hatch

Ed and Cindy Kelly

Ed and Judy Laskowski

Emily Goad

Eric Anderson

Eric and Teri Hoss

Erick and Jada Miner

Fred Plese

Fred and Sandy Groves

Gail and James Loughlin

Gary Gemberling

Gary Koppenhaver

Gary and Judy Fish

Gary and Lisa Gonigam

George and Carol Eovaldi

Greg and Mary Simpson

Hank and Joan Guenther

Hines Family

Jack Brees

Jack and Linda Chizmar

James and Jill Hayes

Jan and Gale Imig

Jan and Scott Murphy

Jane McNamara

Jane Whitman

Janet and Christopher Hood

Jay D. Bergman

Jeff and Tracy Bovee

Jim Geisler

Jim and Debra Laning

Jim and Michelle Pukacz

Jim and Therese White

Jim, Suzie, and Daniel Simnick

Joanne Hayden Anderson

Jodi Klockenga

John Capasso

John and Diana Behnke

John and Melinda Baur

John and Shelly Krug

John and Therese Rigas

Karen Benjamin

Karl and Sharon Kahler

Keith and Susan Hospelhorn

Ken and Kurt Oleson

Kent and Jean Sunderland

Kent and Ludy Ayers

Kerry and Connie Tudor

Kevin Lockhart

Kris Lutt

Larry and Jane Phillips

Larry and Laura Alferink

Larry and Maureen Lyons

Larry and Pat Brush

Larry and Twila Sears

Leroy and Cheri Strubhart

Lisa and Kevin Moran

Lloyd and Katherine Simonson

Lon and Robin Lyons

Marc and Dawna Tucci

Marilyn and Louis Blank

Marlyn Carls

Mary Ann Hunt

Mary and Chris Volmer

Mary and John Penn

Matt and Janeen Mollenhauer

Matt and Kelly Taphorn

Matt and LB Lyons

Matt and Megan Everette

Melissa Bradley

Meyer-Jochums Agency

Michael Kellar

Michael and Barbara Sallee

Mike Leahy

Mike Rave

Mike and Abigail Jones

Mike and Amanda Williams

Mike and Betty Hope

Mike and Deb Cochran

Mike and Gina Wey

Mike and Patricia Kirk

Mike and Sue Bruner

Moira McGovern

Nancy and Rick Cundiff

Pam and Mark Hamilton

Pat Johnson

Paul and Elaine Adkins

Pete Whitmer

Phil Hoffmann

Phyllis McCluskey-Titus

R.C and Christy McBride

Ray and Connie Hinthorn

Rich Richardson

Rich and Gretchen Clemmons

Richard and Tammy Taylor

Rick and Kim Percy

Rob Widmer

Rob and Jennifer Parent

Robert and Karen Osolin

Ruth and Kirk Johnson

Scott Preston

Sean and Kerri Johnson

Sheila Taylor

Stacy and Greg Smith

Sue Killian

Ted and Carolyn Schmitz

Terri Christensen

Terry and Mary Miller

Tim McVicker

Tim and Brenda Hilton

Tim and Cheryl Kunkel

Tim and Margie Simmons

Tim and Meaghan Pantaleone

Tod, Tina, and Dara Williamson

Tom Burek

Tom Veitch

Tom and Kay Cross

Tom and Meredith Lovelass

Tony and Sue Liberta

Tracy and Harvey Bryant

Troy O'Donley

Vince Carlson

Walter Brandon

Wayne King

Woody Guthals

Zach and Dani Schroeder

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