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Rome is such an incredible city and every time we go there we can’t wait to explore its street while eating the most amazing ice cream.

I love all flavours but I think you can’t beat a creamy hazelnut or pistachio, although during the summer when the heat wraps the city, you might be tempted to go for a fruity and more refreshing sorbetto flavour.

There are so many good gelaterie around town you’ll be spoilt for choice, but you want to make sure you try one of the best!

If you are short on time, and you are not sure as to where to eat the best ice cream in Rome…

Old Bridge

You can’t say you have eaten the proper ice cream in Rome if you haven’t tried eating ice cream at the Old Bridge. If you are planning a visit to Vatican City, or St Peter’s Basilica, you have to take a small diversion and have a gelato here!

There are now 3 Old Bridge gelaterie in Rome, but the first Old Bridge opened near the Vatican City 25 years ago, and it still uses the original recipes and best ingredients.

You can’t miss it! There is normally a huge queue of people standing outside, but we promise it’s worth the wait. You won’t be disappointed!

La Romana

Although this gelateria wasn’t born in Rome, it’s not to be overlooked.

La Romana gelato shop was born in the heart of the historic centre of Rimini in 1947 and got its name from the founder’s daughter. They make traditional flavours, made exclusively with the best quality products, following the old recipes from the past. They can fill your cone with warm dark, milk or white chocolate: a must!

There are three gelaterie La Romana in Rome, and they are all amazing!


A historic gelateria in the heart of Rome close to Palazzo Montecitorio.

The original gelateria opened at the beginning of 1900 and it has been serving mouthwatering ice cream ever since. If you have time, sit in one of the small tables outside and enjoy one of the most amazing Giolitti gelato cups.

Come Il Latte

Come il Latte” means “like milk”, a proper 100% artisan local geleteria using only whole ingredients with no hydrogenated fats, additives or preservatives.

Milk and cream are the stars of the show here, as they make 60/70% of the ingredients in the creamiest gelato you will eat in Rome. You also have to try the sorbetto ice cream, made only with the best quality seasonal fruit, water and sugar.

Torroncino, coffee, salted caramel and pistachio are a must. And make sure you put cream on top!


Fassi Gelateria has been serving ice cream in Rome since 1880. It’s a large ice cream parlour with lots of history: five generations have been producing ice cream here for more than 130 years.

You will be spoiled for choice as they have so many gelato flavors…you won’t be able to easily make a decision and will have to come back for more and more!

Galateria della Palma, over 150 flavors

Gelateria Della Palma was created in May of 1978 by Claudio Patassini, the undisputed driving force behind this successful and now legendary ice cream parlour in Rome’s historic centre. Its origins precede those of its founding creator and in actual fact have their roots in the family tree of Claudio Patassini, a passionate master of quality home made ice cream – who made this the foundation of his business.

As a result of hard work and a family passion, Claudio Patassini has inherited a natural talent for the making of quality home made ice cream developing a unique offering and variety of tastes both in terms of quality as well as quantity. Today there are more than 150 different flavors!

Travel Tours to Rome with Travel Dream Club:

The article was prepared by Travel Dream Club UK www.traveldreamclub.uk

"Let your dream comes true..."

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