How The World Of Work Is Changing. Katie keeegan

Globalisaton is the process when big buissnesses or organisation go international for example its like when you can have a buisness meeting over skype or when you can now get fruits that didn't grow in our country or fruits that aren't in season all year round where as 20 years ago you definatly couldn't of did any of those things.

Changing the pattern of work means that now most work is now online for example alot more people are working from home, job interviews can now be over skype and people are contacting eachother through emai.

Technology has changed the work place alot nearly everything is done online ans it is sure no matter what work path you go down you will probobly have to use technology at some point.

Because of technology now we can work from our own homes, this has proved to relief stress, way more people actually do work every day without calling of sick and it has made familys closer.

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