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Population: 35,362,905 (July 2016 est.)

Age Structure

  • 0-14 years: 15.44% (male 2,799,758/female 2,661,645)
  • 15-24: 12.12% (male 2,204,127/female 2,080,587)
  • 25-54: 40.32% (male 7,231,200/female 7,028,692)
  • 55-64: 13.94% (male 2,443,452/female 2,484,788)
  • 65 years and over: 18.18% (male 2,863,114/female 3,565,542)

Life Expectancy at birth

  • Total population: 81.9 years
  • Male: 79.2 years
  • Female: 84.6 years

GDP – composition, by sector of origin:

  • Agriculture: 1.6%
  • Industry: 27.7%
  • Services: 70.7%

Unemployment Rate

  • 7.1%

Population below poverty line

  • 9.4%


  • $402.4 billion
  • Exports – commodities
  • Motor vehicles and parts, industrial machinery, aircraft, telecommunications equipment,
  • Chemicals, plastics, fertilizers,
  • Wood pulp, timber,
  • Crude petroleum, natural gas, electricity
  • Aluminum

Telephones – mobile cellular:

  • Total : 29.39 million
  • Subscriptions per 100 inhabitants: 45
  • General assessment: excellent service provided by modern technology
  • Domesic: domestic satellite system with about 300 earth stations
  • International: country code – 1; submarine cables provide links to the US and Europe

Internet Users

  • Total: 31.053 million
  • Percent of population: 88.5%

How Canada is perceived around the world

  • Slovenians have warm thoughts about canada because of family links
  • People from the Netherlands say Canada is "the European version of America"
  • Canada is the way Europe wishes it has stayed full of natural beauty
  • Canada is viewed as "a better United States"
  • Americans know very little about Canada
  • Canada is at an evident disadvantage to the USA and other Western democracies
  • Canada is an experimental nation
  • Canada and India's relationship is optimistic due to the large Indian diaspora
  • Canada is a model for multi-faceted immigrant society with different voices and diverse forms of cultural expression
  • Canada is dismissed by the British mindset
  • Canada is a country of immigrants that praises its multi-ethnic, multicultural and multi-religious heritage.
  • Canada has a role as peacemaker in Latin America
  • Canada conjures up a positive view in Chinese minds
  • The Irish have been helped by many prominent Canadians

1. What is Canada’s biggest strength? What is its biggest weakness? Provide specific evidence in support.

  • Canada’s biggest strength is Canada’s ability to embrace multiculturalism, and peacemaking ability. Canada’s biggest weakness is the fact that it is at such a great disadvantage in the world because it is so much less of a world power than the USA and other Western democracies.

2. What is Canada’s most pressing issue or concern? Why? Provide specific evidence in support.

  • Canada’s most pressing issue is the fact that it needs to assert itself more in the world’s economy. We are often seen as the second fiddle to America and this causes certain countries to dismiss Canada as unimportant.

3. Compared to others, should Canadians be proud of their country? Why? Provide specific evidence in support.

  • Yes, Canada should be very proud. We are seen very positively in the world and we should be very proud of that. Our peacemaking, and multiculturalism is world renowned and something to be very proud of.

4. Is Canada “better off” compared to other countries? What areas is Canada better/not better? Why? Provide specific evidence in support.

  • Canada is much better off than many countries, we have a low poverty rate and a low unemployment rate when it comes to world standing. Other countries look to Canada for help with government policies, and distribution of health care. This is because Canada has figured out how to effectively and efficiently run the country.

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