No Masters By Bad Wolves


2018 | Rock

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“So take these chains from me. -- Break these bastards, there's no masters here.”


  • Disobey hit #23 on the Billboard 200.
  • No Masters shaerd an album with their cover of The Cranberries song: Zombie which was nominated for iHeartRadio's Rock Song of the Year.
  • They are managed by Zoltan Bathory of Five Finger Death Punch.


Luke Tatum

I actually rather enjoyed some of the tracks on this album, and this is one of the best. There's not too much substance here, but the good ol' ancap refrain of "No Rulers =/= No Rules" keeps with the spirit of the song. The use of "left, right, left, right" to refer to both the marching of soldiers and to the two-party system is well done. "We never wanted to have to save ourselves," sums up the attitude of the reluctant public, and may well be accurate for some people. Public Choice Theory might be the best modern extrapolation from that, which posits that people are acting in their best interests by being politically apathetic.

Sherry Voluntary

This song is just straight up cool. I had only heard The Cranberries, Zombie remake from them before, but now I’m definitely gonna check out their other music. This song expresses the difficulty of breaking the chains of “the masters.” We can free our minds, but it’s so much more difficult to free our bodies. It’s also quite a struggle to get others to see that they’re in chains too. I hope one day we can really be free from the yoke of bondage placed upon us. Until then, we press forward to live as freely as possible and bring others on board.

Nicky P

Is this song why they failed to get much recognition outside of a cranberries cover? The more conspiratorial part of me is patting the back of the normie deep down for believing this one. It seems no coincidence that anything that hints at legitimate reprisal to the actions of those in charge gets buried. A thing that's been getting talked about in circles i frequent is the way the current system managed to turn disobedience into propping up the status quo. The whole #resist thing is funny when you think about is. Sure Donald Trump is a peice of shit to me but is he really much different than anyone else in that position policy-wise? Haardly. Where he differs is his rhetoric which occasionally calls out the war machine. That machine is the life-blood of the plutocrats. So they managed to make championing the status quo an act of rebellion.It'd be more fascinating if it wasn't so terrifying.

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Nicky P

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