10 Facts About Utah By: Maddy

First, In Sanpete County, some of Jews came to the USA with high hopes to start flourishing farms, making businesses, mine the mountains, and sell lumber, and more.

The Jew immigrants founded the town of Clarion.


1985 was a year of temperature extremes! The highest temperature ever recorded in Utah was 117 degrees F on July 5, 1985, at St. George.


The Utes ( Indian Tribe) stole women and children from Paiutes and Goshutes tribes and gave them to Spanish and Mexicans for money to become slaves, which Mexico owned Utah.


Gary Richard Herbert is Utah's 17th governor. Then he took the Oath of Office on Aug. 11, 2009.

In 2002 - The Winter Olympics are were held in Salt Lake City. http://www.ducksters.com/geography/us_states/utah_history.php

We do not know who found the Great Salt Lake because he or she did not write about it. http://ilovehistory.utah.gov/people/explorers/index.html

Mexico use to own Utah and other states, that started the Mexican-American War


People have lived in Utah for thousands of years. For 5/6 of that time, they have lived a hunting and gathering life. So they didn't have phones or real houses they just had what they make.


Most of Utah's cities are located between 3,000 and 7,000 feet in elevation.


Brigham Young brought the Mormons in Salt Lake Valley. A lot of people in Illinois and Missouri didn’t like the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but this didn't stop Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith still went on leading the church. Sadly, A mob killed the Mormons’ leader, Joseph Smith, in 1844, Before the Mormons came to utah.


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