Shakespeare dictionary Leoti powers

'Tis-contraction for "it is"

Ways to remember: 'tis- it's- it is

E'en-literary contraction for even

Ways to remember: e'en sounds like even you replace the ' with v

Collied- to blacken with coal, soot

Ways to remember- collied sounds like colored

Coy- shy, quiet and reserved

Ways to remember: coy- coy-eit-co_uiet

Betteem- allow, permit, let, grant

Ways to remember: betteem- Better- better allow

Ope- open

Way to remember: ope- ope_n

Prevailment- prevailing action, power, influence

Ways to remember: prevail- when you put a vail on a bride she will gain the power that her husband has if he is a king

Eyne- your eyeball

Ways to remember: sounds like eye

Neaf- fist, clenched hand

Ways to remember: neaf- sounds like knife- you would be angry to stab someone with your fists

Afeared- afraid

Ways to remember- afeared- a_feared- feared- fear

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