No Safety in Numbers


MARCO: At the beginning of the No Safety in Numbers the author says "it had taken Marco entire summer to wiping down tables at the grill 'n' shake to save enough for that bike..."(Laentz 24) Day 1. This quote shows that Marco is responible for his age because of saving his job money for the bike.

Soon after the mall quarantined Marco was trying to find out what is going on,the author tells us," someone had discovered Marcos baby monitor"(laentz 117) Day 3. This quote explains that Marco is trying to find what is happening to the mall.

On Day 6, as the mall was heaked; Marco was ask by shay can you help my family to prake out of the mall and Marco said yes" he couldn't hold on to her when she need him"(lorentz 209)". This quote shows that Marco is being so kind to shay and after the riot was over he grabbed her and toke her to the medical center.


At the beginning of No Safety in Numbers the author tell us," Make threw an arm around Ryan shalder, Thad like a brother to me J. shrimp he said he will kill me if I didn't watch your back in the place" (lorentz 61 ). This quote shows that Mike knew Thad and he wants to protect his brother cause thad will do something about it.

Soon after the mall was quarantined Ryan was running to the book store. the altogether say." he'd started at a walk but as he thought of her, of getting to spend a whole day"(lorentz 93). this quote shows that Ryan likes shay and he wants to see her really bad, and he cant hold him self really long.

On Day 6 things got heated at the mall;"guarantying the mall be cause of some Flu and that people had gone insane as a result. I have it'. Ryan said" (lorantz 226). This quote shows that Ryan is noverus that if he is in feted by the bomb.


Marco is the responsible one in the story because he is the only one that has a job and Marco saved his job money for a bike and Marco got a baby monitor so he can here what is going on in the mall and Marco helps shay by helping her to expiate the mall and he help her to find what to used to escape the mall. Near the middle of the day Mike and Ryan and group of kids played a game of football and they Mikes team won. Then in the story Mike said to Ryan that he had to take care of Ryan cause he new Thad, Ryan older brother cause Thad will do something about. then in the story Ryan and Mike had a plan to escape the mall they used a car to escape but it didn't work so will for them, they got put in jail in the mall.


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