Where are My Exam History and Records? Adobe Certification & Credential Management System

Troubleshooting Your Account

If your Adobe Credential Manager homepage looks like the screenshot above then this pertains to you.

In certain situations, you may find that your exam history is no longer listed in your Adobe Credential Manager profile. This could happen when logging in using your Adobe ID, and the email address associated with your Adobe ID does not match the email address you used to create your Adobe Credential Manager profile.

In most cases we will catch these issues and can update your Adobe Credential Manager account profile and restore your exam history. If, however, you no longer see your exam history when logging in, please send an email to certif@adobe.com and provide the following details:

  • Your first and last name
  • Original email address you used when creating your Adobe Credential Manager profile.

Our support team will ensure that your account is restored with all the previous exam history.

We apologize for any temporary inconvenience that may result from this situation.

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