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  • Jamestown was the first English settlement in North America.
  • Jamestown was founded on May 14,1607.
  • The first president of the colony was Edward Wingfield.
  • The people who had come to the colony had arrived in three ships.
  • The three ships the settlers had arrived in were the Susan Constant,Godspeed,and the Discovery.
  • On 1624 the Virginia company chartered was revoked and Virginia had become an Royal colony.
  • A royal colony meant that the colony was controlled by a king.
  • The first people in Jamestown were all men.
  • Most of the Jamestown colonist died during 1609-1610.
  • Most people in the colony had died because of illnesses,disease,and not having food.
  • From all the people dying it left a big impact on the colony.
  • When they did not have enough food sent to them they would eat leather, people who had already died, and they would kill animals.
  • Up to eighty through ninety percent of the people had died because they did not have enough food and of illnesses.
  • The whole colony would have been wiped out if it was not because of Chief Powhatan who had sent them gifts of food.The colony was almost wiped out also because of the death of Pocahontas.
  • After a lot of people dying, establishing families had become the primary focus so the colony would be a permanent colony.
  • Tobacco was first cultivated in 1612.
  • Jamestown future relied on tobacco not gold.
  • Tobacco economy began to shape the development of the colony.
  • By 1630 over one million pounds of tobacco had been exported from Jamestown.
  • People in Jamestown even started growing tobacco in the streets.
  • Tobacco cultivation is a intensive labor.
  • More people where needed to help grow the tobacco.
  • People or "servants" were given a free passage to Virginia but they were given their freedom after working four to five years.
  • John Rolfe was the person who introduced tobacco to the colony.
  • Tobacco became he center stone of Jamestowns' economy.
  • Chief Powhatan helped the colony get by their first winters.
  • During the starving time which was know as for the winter the English colony took to raiding the Native American food supply.
  • Powhatan then ordered an attack on the English.
  • It was not until 1614 when Powhatan accepted peace with the English colony.
  • The agreement the English and Chief Powhatan had come to was to marry Pocahontas and John Rolfe.
  • The English and Chief Pocahontas got along till his death after Pocahontas and John Rolfe had married.
  • When Pocahontas was married to John Rolfe and they were on their way back form England to Virginia Pocahontas had died because of a disease.
  • Chief Powhatan died in 1618 of despair.
  • After Chief Powhatans' death his brother took over leadership of the Indians of East Virginia.
  • When Chief Powhatans' brother became the new leader he ordered an attack on the English.They attacked their tobacco and settlement.
  • Over three hundred people were killed in the attack.
  • The relationship between the English and Chief Powhatan had improved when John Smith went to visit Chief Powhatan and when Pocahontas had intervened to save John Smith live.
  • A lot of the settlers did not like John Smith because he made up a rule that was "If you did not work you did not eat."
  • John Smith made that rule because a lot of the settlers were not working and they were expecting for other people to do their work for them.
  • John Smith was different to all the other leaders because the other leaders were all gentleman and Smith was not.
  • John Smith leadership as based on an seaman and solider experience.
  • John Smith kept the colony together but after he had gone back to England a lot of the settlers had died.
  • Pocahontas was Chief Powhatans´ daughter.
  • Pocahontas saved John Smiths' life after he was captured by the Indians and about to be killed.
  • Pocahontas put herself in front of John Smith right when he was about to get killed so that he would not get killed.
  • After Chief Powhatan saw what Pocahontas had done he spared his life because of Pocahontas wish.
  • The relationship that the English and Chief Powhatan had with each other took a turn after John Smith had gone back to England.
  • Then Chief Powhatan came to an agreement with the English of marrying Pocahontas and John Rolfe which he was the person who introduced tobacco to the English in Jamestown.
  • When Pocahontas and John Rolfe had gotten married they had gone to England.
  • When they were going to England Pocahontas was renamed and her new name was Rebecca.
  • When Pocahontas and John Rolfe were coming back from England to Virginia Pocahontas had died on the way to Virginia from a disease.
  • Chief Powhatan and the English had an good relationship until Chief Powhatans' death.
  • Survivors of the "starving time" were going to abandoned the colony.
  • The settlers were going to leave the colony until the new governor Lord De La Ware arrived with supplies.
  • The supplies Lord De La Ware brought were to put Jamestown back on their feet.
  • The Jamestown colony and the James River were actually named after King James the first in England.
  • The Virginia company hoped to get rich by exploiting the resources of North America and by discovering easy route to the Pacific.
  • Jamestown marks the beginnings of the colony of Virginia.
  • It took the settlers two weeks to find a site for the permanent settlement.
  • Ten years after founding Jamestown only 350 people populated the area.

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