Three's A Crowd Written and ILLUSTRATED by Julia Sorenson

Chapter 1: A Beautiful Blooming Flower

On a nice spring day two dearly beloveds were promised the rest of their lives together. Never has so much white been worn in one day. A stunning white bridal gown with a low cut back, followed by a train of white mesh flowers. A sweetheart shaped top, perfectly caressing her chest. A big bouquet of white flowers with a purple tint. Sterling silver jewelry and stunning silver shoes to match. Her hair was pulled back in a half up half down style. Loose curls falling down with sparkles scattered all over her beautiful blonde hair.

Her bridesmaids were dressed in a light purple. They greeted her as she walked down the aisle. So much smiling was going on as she took a step, then another step. Her heels were clattering against the ground. Her soon to be husband was waiting to greet her at the alter. He turned around and his jaw dropped down lower than his knees. He was speechless, amazed, and he felt he was the luckiest guy in the world. His smile brightened up the place. His teeth were brighter than his loftily wedded wife’s dress.

He mouthed to his beautiful fiancé “you look beautiful”. She smiled at him as he reached out for her hand to help her up the little case of steps. Her heels still clacking against the concrete.

“Michael, do you take Maria as your loftily wedded wife?” asked the priest. “I do,” muttered Michael. “Maria, do you take Michael to be your loftily wedded husband?” asked the priest. “I do, I do,” repeated Maria as a tear danced down her blush covered cheek.

The wedding was like no other. Maria and Michael were finally married, after five years of being together. They finally made it. They were what people call “soul mates”. They were made for each other, they fit like a puzzle. Maria was fun and outgoing, just like Michael. Both had such interesting and unique personalities. Maria is a beautiful tall blonde and her husband was “godlike”. He is very tall and muscular, followed by beautiful long hair that blew in the wind as he walked down the street.

Michael and Maria were dancing on the dance floor and right behind them were their guests, waiting to join. The couple danced the whole night, family members were catching up and sharing stories, and the guests were devouring their food. Everyone was happy and everyone wore a bright smile.

Chapter 2: A Knife In The Back

A year later and the couple was still happily married and falling deeply in love as each day passed. That was until one night Michael found a stray on the street and brought her home. He got all dressed up. Showered, put on tons of cologne, gelled his hair and it all came together with a silky black suit. Michael was ready for a night out while Maria was stuck at work. He arrived at his favorite fancy restaurant and took a seat. That was when his jaw dropped to the floor and she walked in.

Her brand new black shiny Louboutin heels. A gold sequined dress with a slit running down her right leg, a deep v neck covering her chest, and the dress being backless just to top if off. The dress was so beautiful, she had all eyes on her, including a handsome well rounded man she was very interested in. His eyes were on her the whole entire night, looking her up and down and giving her a smile every time they made eye contact. He thought to himself he couldn't let an opportunity like this pass him up. He couldn't let a woman as beautiful as her walk out of his life. He cleared his throat and started walking over. She fixed her posture and crossed her legs, trying to look as lady like as possible. Her hair was pulled back with little curls in her face. She had a smile that could brighten up the whole world, well she could definitely brighten up someone's and that someone was across from her, drooling over her, amazed by her. He pulled out a chair and sat down, smiled, and asked "this seat taken?"

She smiled and began to blush, replying "it is now."

A conversation sparked up.

"Let me properly introduce myself, I am Michael" as he reached for her hand and kissed it.

She smiled and replied back "Nice to meet you Michael, as you reached for my hand I saw a wedding ring on your ring finger. Care to explain?" Michael froze and on the spot came up with a lie.

"Oh that little thing, don't worry about it, this was from my last marriage, my wife passed away a year ago," he said as he slipped the ring into his pocket.

They talked for hours at the dinner table, until they were told to leave. Michael suggested for his mystery love to come over for the night. She looked at him in suspense.

“Do you even know my name? I believe you didn't ask me,” she stated.

“I haven't asked, but I bet it is something so elegant and beautiful just like you,” said Michael.

“I'm flattered. My name is Isabella,” replied Isabella.

“What a gorgeous name for a gorgeous woman. Now how about my house?” asked Michael.

“Well I don't have anything better to do, why not, I'll come,” said Isabella as she giggled.

“Follow me,” demanded Michael.

Michael opened the door for Isabella as she slowly and carefully stepped into the front seat of his brand new Porsche.

“You have money I am guessing?” asked Isabella.

“As a matter of fact I do, and I plan on spoiling a very special lady someday,” Michael said as he winked.

The car’s tires screeched against the road as Michael speed to his house. They finally arrived at the house and Michael being the gentleman he is, opened the car door, walked Isabella to the house, then opened the front door, walking in after her.

“After you my lady,” said Michael.

“Wow! Your house is beautiful,” said Isabella.

“Thank you, the house is so big I get lonely sometimes,” responded Michael.

“Can I get you anything? A glass of wine? Red or white?” asked Michael.

“Red, please,” replied Isabella.

“Coming right up, please sit down, make yourself comfortable” Michael said as he started walking to the kitchen.

Michael and Isabella sat down at Michael’s kitchen table and talked for hours. They easily got along. They told each other a little bit about themselves. For instance, Isabella talked about her no good ex husband. Michael was there for Isabella. Even though they just met, he was very good at reassuring her on how much of a beautiful and kind woman she is. He was not afraid to voice his opinion around her, which is a good thing. He felt he could be himself around her. For she is so understanding and interested in every word he says.

“Where are you initially from Michael?” asked Isabella.

“I am from a little town called Kutztown, I moved here when I was 19, before I started attending college. What about you Isabella?” he asked as he fell deeply in love with her bright blue eyes.

“I was born and raised in Las Vegas. I loved every second of it,” responded Isabella.

“I was born to gamble,” she says, laughing and looking into Michael’s eyes.

Chapter 3: Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Bloody

It was a dark and stormy night, nine o'clock at night to be exact. Maria has just gotten done work and was very exhausted. She couldn't wait to get home, take off her three inch heels, take a hot bath, then lay down in her big comfortable bed. Maria got in her car and drove away. She got home within the hour and saw there was a car outside of her house that she wasn't too familiar with. She reached in her bag, feeling around for her keys. The door unlocked and the knob twisted.

“Michael, baby, I am home from work,” shouted Maria loudly.

No response was heard. Maria walked up her stairs and began undressing. Her heels were the first thing that came off, then her blazer, then the buttons on her white button blouse. She walked into her bedroom to find Michael was not alone. He was accompanied by a short brunette who was sitting on top of him. About a hundred tears raced down Maria’s face. Anger yet sadness grew. Michael was as white as a ghost. However, he wasn't transparent like Maria wished he was. She would of been able to see he was a cheater and she would of not married such a terrible man. Maria was hurt and Michael was shocked.

“Maria baby it's not what it looks like, let me explain,” said Michael but it was too late.

Maria stormed out of the room, slammed the door shut, and began crying. Her screams sounded so pathetic and sincere. She made a river of tears that flowed across the bathroom floor.

“Maria please let me explain. I found her walking alone and crying so I brought her here to relax and get cleaned up. Nothing happened. It is not what you think at all. Please believe me baby,” explained Michael.

“Screw you! I'm leaving. Have fun with this trash you picked up off the street,” screamed Maria as she began packing her things.

Maria grabbed her bag and stormed out, Michael wasn't too far behind her, chasing his soon to be ex-wife down the street.

Maria speed down the street while loud music shook the car. A long lonely night awaited Maria. She arrived at her friend Monica’s house hoping she would let her stay the night and her wish was granted. Monica was a sweet and genuine friend of Maria’s. Always there for her and always had her back, never for a second did she leave Maria’s side, especially at a time like this.

“So what exactly happened M, talk to me?” asked Monica.

“Well I got home from work and went upstairs to get ready for bed and he was in bed with some piece of trash. I mean how could he do this to me? As if our marriage didn't mean a thing to him,” exclaimed Maria as she tried her hardest to hold in the tears.

“You're better off without him. He won't know what hit him. He left such a beautiful and amazing woman for some $20 girl on the street. He’ll never get a girl half as decent as you. Definitely not as smart and strong,” said Monica.

“I know it's just hard. I loved him and I thought he loved me. Guess I was wrong,” said Maria.

“You need some rest, you had a long day. Go get a shower then go to bed. I set up the guest bed for you,” said Monica.

Maria smiled for the first time tonight, then walked up the stairs to get ready for bed.

Maria woke up in the middle of the night. She went downstairs to get a glass of water to quench her thirst, then brought herself back upstairs to check on Monica. She was tucked in bed and sleeping soundly. Maria wanted revenge. She felt as if Michael deserved it. Therefore, she got changed and walked out the door. As she was a foot out the door she grabbed a gun that Monica hides in the plant and walked out.

Maria pulled up to her old house where her husband betrayed her. She turned the car off and grabbed the gun. She barged in and once again walked up the steps. She peeked into her old bedroom to make sure Michael was sleeping, and thankfully he was. Maria pulled the gun out of the back of her pants and positioned it in her hand just right. She cocked the top then placed her pointer finger on trigger. She closed her eyes.


“CH CH!”


Blood splattered onto the wall. Police sirens rushed down the street. And Maria fell to the ground covered in blood and tears.

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