Typography Unit 2017 Finn O'Donohoe

About This Unit

This unit was all about Typography. At first we had to find real life letter forms around the school and our house. We then went onto distortion of Helvetica typefaces. Then we tried making Typographic Posters. But in the end, we didn't have enough time to make the poster so we moved onto our Typographic Portrait. We were making Typographic Portraits of ourselves using letters. I made around 3 different portraits to then get the best one. For each portrait we made, we had different fonts. We then used the 3D printer to print our portraits that we chose. We did this so that we could Ink the portrait. Then for the final part of the unit, we did Text Effects on the portraits and also added colour to them.

Real Life Letter Forms

At the very start of the unit, we had to go out and look for letter forms around our house. We had to find letter forms for every letter in the alphabet. It was quite hard to find many of the letters for example P and N since nothing has the shape of that.
Here is the second Alphabet of letter forms that I found but this time we had to find them around the school. Finding letter forms around UWC i actually found easier since the school has many objects and rooms making it easier to find something that looks like a letter.

Helvetica Distortion

Here are a few of the Helvetica Typefaces that I distorted. We distorted them using Adobe Illustrator. For each of the Helvetica typefaces, I added a different effect of distortion. We then got them onto Photoshop and distorted them even more. Some of the things I did were shrivel the paper into a ball, fold the paper in many different ways, and slice it into different bits.

Typographic Portrait

At first we had to look for inspiration when making our poster. So we went onto Pinterest and looked for poster that we thought looked good and that we could maybe help us make our one. One of the ones I liked the most was the Rewind one because it was different to the rest of them and had a cool effect to it.
We then planned what we were going to make so here I tried many different ways of making the poster. As you can see I got inspiration from some the posters I found. In the poster we had to use the words Helvetica, 70th anniversary, destroyed, and 1957 - 2027. It was quite hard to fit all of those words in one poster but I managed to make it all fit. The one I like the most is probably the one on the very left in the middle row. I made it look like an eye or something and to me it looked quite cool. In the end it took too long to make these posters so we moved onto the next part of the unit instead of making it on the computer which is what we were going to do next.

Typographic Portrait

This is the first Portrait I made. For this portrait I used the Helvetica font. I think for a first portrait, I did quite well since I wasn't too sure on how to make it good and to make it look like me. In this portrait I only made the head and a tiny bit of the body.
Here is what my first portrait looks like without my photo in the background and in my opinion, it doesn't really look like me.
This is the second Portrait I made. For this portrait I used the Seriff Font. In this portrait, I think I improved quite a lot from the 1st portrait. For my hair I didn't just have big letters taking up lots of space, instead I had lots of small letters mixed together. I also made the side of my face a lot better by making it thinner. I think the thing I was most happy about in this portrait was my ear. I think I made it really detailed. The only thing about this one, was my eyes. One of my eyes had pointy edges, and the other had curved edges.
This is my final Portrait, and in this portrait we actually got to choose our own font that we liked best. So I used the Capture it Font which I found on Dafont. For this portrait I actually tried to make my body as well which I found I did really good at. I learnt so much on how to make the Typographic Portrait look good from the first 2 portraits I did so for this final piece. I tried making it my best.
We then had to add colour to our Typogrpahic Portrait. So I tried out many different colours and to me, the blue and the black looks the most clear and the best.
Here are the two Inked Portraits I made. As you can see the first one I made is on the right which I did really badly. I didn't rub in the paint hard enough which is why there are white patches. Then for my second one on the left, I learnt from my mistakes and it came out almost perfect. There were no white patches at all apart from a tiny bit at the bottom. But over all the second one looked really good and clear.

Text Effects

Here is one of the Text Effects I made. I made my portrait have a kind of copper colour. Then the background just looks like a galaxy. I used my last Typographic Portrait for this text effect since I thought it was the best one.

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